November 8th, 2011

Clair Beauty Wigs?

Hi Everyone!

Does anyone own a wig from this brand called Clair beauty/ have heard about them? I found an etailer on ebay selling them here:

So, basically, they claim that they're a Taiwanese brand using Japanese wig making technology, though I've heard that its also a taobao brand (I can't find their taobao shop, though!) They've got some lovely pieces that look soft and thick which caught my eye!  

 I'm just wondering if they're actually just nicely photographed versions of those normal wigs from China that claim they're made from kanekalon and can be gotten for cheaper from other ebay sellers? Or are they an actual wig brand making good wigs?

If you know anything about Clair beauty wigs, feel free to share :) 

Thank you! 

let me draw your coords?!

I'm new to lolita. By new I mean, my dad offered to buy me a dress/blouse/petticoat for Christmas. If all goes well, and I enjoy lolita as much as I believe I am going to, I would end up wearing some to Frilladelphia or Otakon or Zenkaikon but that's not the point......
I love to draw lolita fashion. It's my favorite thing to draw. I would like to take commissions eventually, but I want to feel around first. I've thrown some examples under the cut, and there's more text there, but as the title says, I WANT TO DRAW YOU!!
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Carousel Cafe Fashion (SGMS 2011 Fashion Show Photos!)

Hello EGL!

I would like to share some photos from the School Girls and Mobile Suits Fashion Show in MN, USA. I sent my clothes to MN because I don't live there any more ^0^

Currently I only have runway photos. We (designers) were all supposed to get professional clothes photos too, but it has been over a month and I haven't gotten anything so I am going to just post runway photos and the ones I took before sending them out ;D The ones I took are not such great quality....


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The Petticoat Press: An EGL Newsletter - October 31 to November 6

The Petticoat Press

October 31 to  November 6
Issue 6

Brought to you by xaynie & colortheory - Newsletter Editors; Brand Ambassadors - gensou_alice (MMM), crystal_moon975 (Baby / AatP), sheraccoon (IW), beautifultwist (Meta), mieke_chan (AP), luxe_lion (JetJ)...and the rest of our friendly mod team!

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Sorry it's a bit late this week!    See you again next Monday!

Marie Antoinette Sweet Lolita

I accidentally stumbled upon this:

anyone know anything about it? I couldn't find any info (and little I could find was in french and mine isn't very good); I basically just wanna know why they called it Marie Antoinette Sweet Lolita; is it perhaps a parallel between the two?
Any info would be appreciated at this point!

UPDATE: It seems that lolita means something else (something along young girl or so) and that the juxtaposition of sweet and lolita was only a coincidence ^^(no, it doesn't compare Marie to a sweet lolita...darn)
Anyway, I found some pictures; it's a big graphic novel by Pascal Croci and it looks great, actually, I'd love to read it. But yeah, nothing to do with lolita fashion.

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Legwarmers considered lolita?

Now that its becoming winter here, i was looking for some warm lolita accesoires.
On Bodyline I came across legwarmers. I thought legwarmers are a no no for lolita, so I checked the Lolita_handbook and found nothing about legwarmers. Maybe I haven't found it yet. 
I also checked Lolibrary and

So my Question is : are legwarmers lolita?

Please link me the link if you found something about legwarmers and lolita.



Bodyline missing item refund

Dearest all,

I've got a missing item in my package. I contacted bodyline about it and they said they'd refund it. When I asked again, I got a reply saying they've already returned the money but I checked my accounts and there's nothing. Has anyone gotten this before? What should I do?
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