November 7th, 2011


I've googled DOUBLE DECKER repeatedly recently and have found a few posts on the EGL community. I've reviewed them a couple time (just to make sure I know what's going on) and want to order from DOUBLE DECKER. Since I have such small feet (US 7 Women's ^-^;) it's hard for me to find brothel creepers and platform boots because most aren't very attractive looking in my opinion and creepers usually are in men's sizes or they just don't carry my size in unisex sizes. I tried to google whether their sizes are in women's,men's or unisex but I didn't find anything. I emailed them and got a reply from Too Shoes Company who said they don't do international orders. Now I want to know...If the DOUBLE DECKER English site is still up (but not the Japanese site),then can I order from there still? I don't know why they don't do international orders from the new Too Shoes site which is entirely in Japanese (I can read some Japanese but I have to write it down to translate). If I can't order from them,does anyone have any recommendations? I was going to get the DOUBLE RUBBER SOLE II in Check (red plaid ♡) and the 25-1s in White.

I'm in no big rush to get these right now since I don't have all the money I need at this moment. Help is still appreciated.
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Hi there, just looking for some advice. I skimmed through the tags and memories, and I haven't found what I'm looking for. Basically, I'm planning on sewing my own things for the time being, and I'm looking for opinions on waistbands for skirts/underskirts/etc. I originally just planned to do elastic waistbands since they're fairly simple (and I'm fairly new...) but I thought that if I wanted to layer skirts, the waistbands might not sit so well one on top of the other. Is it best to stick with regular waistbands/zippers on skirts, or have you found that elastic waistbands sit fine when layered? I've also seen the half-elastic waistbands on here. As of right now, I don't own any brand things or anything like that, so I literally have zero experience when it comes to wear. I appreciate any advice :)

sizing question about this cutsew.

Hello, ladies. Im about to press a order in BodyLine. My question is about the sizing of this cutsew.
I am aware that it is very short and I also checked their reviews from their Japanese site. It says it is pretty small. Im 170cm tall, 88cm bust and 74cm waist. If anyone happens to own it, please tell me if I can wear them? Im thinking about wearing it inside a JSK.
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Attention Seattle-area Lolitas!

For those of you who aren't on the wa_loli local community, we wanted to let you know, we now have a weekly stitch-n-bitch!

Come join us Wednesday nights from 5pm-10pm at Bluebird homemade ice cream and coffeehouse in Capitol Hill.
Feel free to bring any sort of craft project along, or any board games/handheld video games, and other stuff you feel like playing with that night.
We'll be meeting every week, and would love to see it grow.

Here's the link on Google maps. Feel free to pm me or comment if you have any questions or problems finding it. near Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA&hl=en&ll=47.607031,-122.316284&spn=0.032175,0.073814&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=21.875644,75.585938&vpsrc=0&hq=Bluebird&hnear=Capitol Hill, Seattle, King, Washington&t=m&z=14

(sorry for the huge-normous link)

TL;DR: Weekly Seattle meetup on Wednesday nights 5-10pm, Bluebird coffeehouse in Cap Hill! Woot!

Innocent World reservation periods?

Hey all,

I recently placed a reservation for the Grazia Crown print from Innocent World, and was wondering, how long do reservation periods for Innocent World usually last? I know that Baby/AATP are very broad in terms of the time it takes for the print to actually hit the racks, but I can't even find that information on the reserve page(or perhaps i'm just being stupid).

My question is, for anyone whose reserved a print from Innocent World before, how long did it take from the time the reserve went up to the time the print was officially released? I'm looking for a rough estimate here, nothing too narrow.

I also reserved items from Baby/AATP's AW 2011 shoe collection and was wondering the same thing; how long has it taken in the past for them to release the items?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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I am new to the amazing world of Lolita fashion and I was just wondering if there were any places is Madison, WI where I could find cheap, yet good quality clothing.
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Trying to find entries.

I am currently trying to find some past entries about how much money people generally spend every month for lolita clothings. I saw several before but cannot seem to really find it. If anyone knows where they are, please link me to that page. Generally how much people are willing to spend or are spending. How much is too much???
I tried to find them, and didn't seem to find the exact entry...

Thanks for your help.