November 5th, 2011

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Tea Party sizing

I'm looking to purchase some An*Tai*Na tea party replicas from Taobao and I was wondering what size would fit me best as I've heard conflicting information about sizing (I've read in one place that they run small and another that they run big). My foot measures exactly 25cm and I purchased a size 40 previously but they were painfully small on me length-wise. I'm not sure whether I should go up to a size 41 or a size 42 this time as I am not knowledgeable about Chinese shoe sizes. Any help would be really appreciated ♥
Dance Bleach

Show me your lolita room!

I know it been a while since I've seen a post like this and since I'm redoing my whole room I thought I would ask for some inspiration! I'm a gothic lolita so I'm looking to make my room lots of Victorian accents and elegant. But   I'd love to see any room. This is what I had in mind....Collapse )
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Paranoid about Paypal

Okay I've been dying to buy something from bodyline but since I've never shopped online before I don't know how to go about it. I tried transferring money onto my paypal but it said it took 3 days, which I can accept but it didn't give me an email or anything to let me know my transfer was accepted. I deleted the account in fear and tried again  but now it's not even accepting my bank information. So how do you order things in bodyline with or without a paypal?
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