November 3rd, 2011


Not connected directly to loli but...

On my morning blog/news roll this morning, I came across this. My first thought was finally "YES SOMEONE ELSE OUTS MILANOO AS TRASH."

Granted, it's about wedding dresses but I could recognize that website a mile away. XD If only we can now convince EVERYONE to not buy from them (I'm currently irked at a friend for buying a prom dress from them).

Rules Updates: 3 November

Just a quick update for some proposed and implemented rule changes! Please note that these changes are not retroactive, meaning we won't go deleting your old posts or passing out warnings for noncompliance with a rule update we hadn't rolled out yet :)

Implemented Changes
Sales Community: New Tags
Color and item tags have been added to the sales community. These are not required, just something to help make looking for items easier.

Sales Community: New Rules for Etsy, eBay, Artfire, and standalone shop sellers
Sales community rules have been updated for sellers who use outside sites as their primary base of operations. We now require that such sellers list each item they intend to sell individually, with a photo and a price. A link may be provided to the specific offsite listing; however, you may no longer link to your entire shop. Posts linking to a offsite shop will be deleted or rejected, though no warnings will be given.

EGL: New Image Size Limits
The image size limits have been updated. Images may now be up to 500px wide and 800 px high, instead of the old 400px wide by 400px high limit.

Changes in Progress
EGL: FAQ Update
This has unfortunately taken more time than we wanted it to, but we're (hopefully) almost done with it! Are there any questions or topics that people would like to see covered? We're already updating the information on brand shops in non-Japanese countries, Bodyline, Taobao, buying on the sales community, substyles, the "basics", sizing in Gosu Rori and the GLBs, and brand sizing, but beyond that, is there anything you'd like to see covered?

Sales Community: DS/DT Update
Due to some complaints from users, we're currently working on a way for traders to repost their items before the four-week waiting period is up. Please expect an official change on this front within the next week or so!

Proposed Changes
Sales Community: Style Tags
We decided that this would ultimately be too contentious, since there is so much overlap between substyles of lolita, so we opted not to add it. If you're looking for an item in a specific style, we suggest you use multiple tags to search for it by using this URL:,tag2?mode=and. Just replace "tag1" and "tag2" with the two tags you'd like to search :)

Sales Community: Location-Based Sale Restrictions
A couple of users asked if we could require sellers to ship to all countries. We decided against this change for a couple of reasons. First up, it's not really our place to tell sellers who they may and may not sell to. Secondly, and most importantly, it's not fair for those buyers who must undergo significant hardship to ship outside of their home country. Some European sellers, for instance, may not be able to accept payment except via European bank transfer, meaning that they would have to pay sky-high fees just to take payment from a non-European user. While we recognize that many people do wish to ship within their home country for the sake of convenience, we would not want to unfairly penalize users who can't easily ship internationally.

And that's all for the rule updates for this month :) If you have any updates you'd like us to consider, please submit them in the suggestion post. We'll be putting out this little update as we update the rules, so please keep an eye out for it!

auction searching

Hello everyone! I need some help with searching on yahoo!JP and Mbok! Is there a link I can use for Alice and the Pirates, Baby, Angelic pretty, Victorian Maiden, and Innocent World? I am mostly searching for aatp melty mermaid princess! Thanks so much for your help.

Searching for Missouri/Ilinois Lolitas!

My name is Haley, and I have been into Lolita for a bit now, but I'm tired of going at it alone. I wish to find some Lolitas that are around St. Louis, as I am, or maybe a bit further in, if your willing to do so. Please get back to me, even if your way on the other side of Illinois or Missouri. Its always nice to meet another Lolita in my state. :)

Bodyline order help?

I ordered a skirt from Bodyline on the first of this month. A "package tracking" email just arrived today ( last time I ordered from them it only took a day for that email to arrive so that only makes me more nervous ) and I clicked on the link they gave and it said "Your item was not found. Confirm your item number and ask at your local office." I also noticed that in the email they stated I had ordered the skirt to be shipped by EMS, but I know that I ordered it to be shipped by AIR ( because of the free shipping ) and the first email I got confirms that.

I'm not sure what to do, is it just a simple mistake and will my skirt probably get here anyways?
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Metamorphose Osaka store

This Saturday I am organizing a international gothic lolita tea party in Japan.
For this occasion I went to shop for a outfit at my favourite lolita brand,
Metamorphose! You can order items from this brand trough my shop.

Please visit my blog to see pictures of the Osaka store and pictures of the Kyoto shop display.

Polymer Clay Accessories

Hi everyone! 

I've been a long time lurker in this community however this is my first time posting. I'm starting to get really into making Polymer Clay Lolita accessories such as two way clips, rings and earrings. I was thinking about making them to sell in the future if there was a market. What I've made so far lends towards Sweet Lolita and OTT style. I'm no way a pro and this is only a hobby however I would love to gather people's opinions on my work
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