November 2nd, 2011

About MintyMix

Hi there !

I'm really sorry if my post don't have to be there, but I'm with no response from MintyMix' Kammie !
I need to make business with her but she gave me no sign of like since 1 week !

Does she have a personnal Facebook page or such a thing ?

I'ts quite urgent !

thanks !
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Bodyline cm: SHOE or FEET?

I am sorry for yet another BL shoe size post (and I promise I will not ask anymore questions the next month or so ^^;) but I did not got any wiser from the posts about BL shoes that were already there. Collapse )

thanks in advance! and sorry for bothering once again!

Bodyline Airmail?

Hey everyone,

I wanted to know what has been the experience of you girls recently with Bodyline's Airmail Shipping, cause I'm getting worried. I ordered a dress from bodyline around the 19 of October and they only sent it out on the 25 of October. On the 26 it updated saying it was "Dispatch from outward office of exchange" and since then there hasn't been anything updated. I live in Ontario (CA) but I figured it would at least tell me it got into the country by now, or at least that passed through the US (it used to do that with DHL, I dont know it's path with airmail), yet I haven't gotten any updates since it left Japan. I tried the tracking umber on usps and canada postage sites, but it dont work. Is this normal...? Sorry if I'm just being a worry wort. XP Thankies for reading~

what do u think of this bodyline jsk ? edit: AND what do u think of these two shoes?
its the G1290 jsk
wondering how it fits/looks on people cuz it looks really awkward on the model..
edit: wondering about how comfy these two shoes are?

**Since the links dont work and im confused as to how to get them to the shoes are SHOES259, and SHOES251

if im 26 cm, would it be comfy/not too tight if i get 260s?
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Lolita T-Shirt Question

Hey everybody!
I'm making a printed t-shirt with a lolita theme.. so it's (obviously) kinda targeted to the lolita-lovers crowd.
Because of that, I wanted to ask how everybody felt about t-shirts with words on them.
I always tended to stay away from t-shirts with words on them (personal dislike of them), but I know some people think it's cute...

What the shirt would say if I put it on it is
"Candy Coated for your Convenience"

It's on a light pink shirt and it's going to have some of my art on it as well (a picture of a lolita)....

So please give me some feedback!!
Thank you in advance
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Atelier Enchanteur - Brand Premiere!

I just wanted to share some of my work from the past month for my new brand Atelier Enchanteur! This is my print Amelia's Locket and it comes in a JSK and a Skirt.  This print, a non-print JSK, and a second print to come in December is part of my  Fall/Winter collection "The Voyage of the Nautilus".

Edited* I put in prices since so many of you asked me to!
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