November 1st, 2011

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de-corset-ifying skirts?

I'm a bit curious. Is there any way to remove the high waist from an unboned corset skirt? I've got a bodyline skirt which I'm fond of, I think that it's one of my more flattering lolita pieces, but it's got a high waist, and it takes forever to get the lacing to look right. Is there any way to "de-corset-ify" the skirt?
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Hello, EGL! First post here... been lurking quite a while, tho'.

So I ordered 6 items from Bodyline a couple weeks ago. On the first couple days after I started tracking the item, it moved along pretty quick; transferring from Chiba To Kangawa or something, then it said "Dispatch from outward office of exchange". It hasn't changed in 14 days. I'm a little concerned. What should I do? Should I worry?
If it matters, I ordered two pairs of shoes, a pair of socks, pair of bloomers, a cutsew and a salopette. I did not ask them to mark the value of the package down, and I live in the USA (california).

Any advice or help would be welcome! Thank you!

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Shoes quality??? BodiLine VS. Lolita Brand VS. Shoes Brand.

Today, I saw a friend of mine from Japan, and we got into a huge discussion about the quality of shoes.(not just lolita shoes but generally) She said when she was working for a make up product company, she had to wear high-heels all day long and it made her feet really tired. but when she switched to a more expensive kind of shoes, her feet got a lot better. So my question is that does anyone find that cheaper lolita shoes are more likely to get tired than those expensive ones? I know there are BL shoes, Taobao shoes, Japanese lolita brand shoes and Shoes brand shoes(like Yosuke, Antena, Question mark, Dr. Martins, etc.). I know I pressed several questions before to ask about their toughness, but it seems like there was not a discussion about how comfortable they were. So, I just want to ask, does the price actually give a difference when it comes to how comfortable they are??? Is lolita brand shoes more comfortable than BL and Taobao shoes????