October 31st, 2011

party like 1789

AatP Misty Night

So AatP is coming out with a new print, Misty Night. I loved the print at first glance. Really loved it. Until I realized that no one at AatP seems to have realized that capital C and T are different letters - yes, even in blackletter.

Reservation page here.

Alite and the Pirates, Theck Mate.
Cannot unsee.

C_C <------------- this is me crying (in blackletter. or should I say: blatkletter.)

(Thought I would open this up to the egl publit, both for print distussion, and to inflitt my tase of tannot unsee onto everyone else. You're weltome.)
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The Petticoat Press: An EGL Newsletter SPECIAL EDITION - October 24 to October 30

The Petticoat Press: SPECIAL EDITION Part 2 of 2
October 24 to October 30
Issue 5

Brought to you by[info]xaynie & [info]colortheory - Newsletter Editors; Brand Ambassadors - [info]gensou_alice (MMM), [info]crystal_moon975 (Baby / AatP), [info]sheraccoon (IW), [info]beautifultwist (Meta), [info]mieke_chan (AP), [info]luxe_lion (JetJ); And our friendly mod team

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Happy Halloween, you guys! Don't gorge yourselves on too much candy, okay?
Kim Myoung Jae

Fan + Friend "Rush" Making Service

I was considering having a coat "rush" made, which is one or two weeks wait time instead of 3. Here is the coat in question, and here is more info on their rush service. I'm wondering if there are any risks associated with it as they're rushing it instead of making it in the traditional 3 weeks time. It says that the employee is working over time, which makes me think of a tired worker slaving over my coat/and or making hasty little mistakes. I'm not there, so I don't know how it exactly works. Anyway, anybody had any experiences with this service?

Classic Lolita and victorian riding hats

Hi everyone!

I am classic Lolita and I'm currently desperately looking for nice hats for winter. I really want to find plain victorian riding style hats and decorate them myself. I've searched everywhere (also on wedding websites...) and I've also tried to make one by myself with not enough satisfying results (for my standards...)

Does anyone know where I could find hats similar in shape and colour to these?
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