October 30th, 2011

ruby rhod

Vogue's Guide to Goth (and Lolita!) for Halloween.

I saw this mentioned on a Gothic blog I read and I had to google it and read it for myself! A couple days ago Vogue.it made a little post about how to come up with some "chic" Halloween ideas by pretending to be a Goth for the evening. Along with Marilyn Manson, emos, The Cullens, and for some reason Abby/Eli from Let The Right On In, Gothic Lolita got it's own little blurb:

Gothic Lolita – One woman's fancy dress is another
woman's everyday dress: Gothic Lolitas spend a considerable amount of
money on custom-made clothes and accessories that make them look like 
Victorian child prostitutes. Whatever floats their boat.

Chances of replicating it correctly: high, provided
you're willing to fork out for the dress (which can set you back around
$100 for a basic model; custom-made ones are pricier).

I was too busy snickering at the idea of Vogue suggesting that Lolita dresses only cost $100, and implying that is a lot of money to spend on clothes, considering the average price of an outfit featured in vogue will probably set you back a couple thousand XD as well as the idea that there are "basic models" of Lolita dresses that you can pick from, which you then customize, as if they were cars or something like that, to even care about the "Victorian child prostitutes" dig.

You can read the whole article here: http://www.vogue.it/en/people-are-talking-about/obsession-of-the-day/2011/10/gothic-guide-halloween

Try not to get your bloomers in too much of a bunch about this article! As I'm sure most of you are aware, Halloween seems to be the time where fashion writers everywhere seem to think they're an expert in every sub-culture to ever have even a slight penchant for wearing black. I just thought some of you might get a kick out of fashionistas going on Halloween wearing $100 Victorian child prostitute dresses, whatever that might be, claiming to be a chic Gothic Lolita XD
White Rabbit

New Lolita Community

Hello all.

I started a discussion post a while ago about interest in a new community for librarian lolitas. As most people were favorable to the idea, I now present to you, lolibrarians, the comm for librarian lolitas and bookish rufflebutts.

It's pretty sparse right now, but I'm hoping some of you will join and make some intro posts to liven things up! And then stay tuned for posts about books, libraries, lolita, reading, and anything else literary loli we can come up with.

Hope to see some of you there!

Posted with colortheory's permission.
angelic pretty

Art post: Scary Berry Bunny (Happy Halloween!)

Hello EGL! :) I wanted to approach you with a Happy Halloween greeting in a form of another drawing! Some of you might have seen me posting my Koneko-chan pieces here every now and then and this post is no exception. I wanted to dress Koneko as a bunny for the upcoming Halloween celebrations, so she is wearing Cherry Berry Bunny! Click the cut to see how she did! :)

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