October 27th, 2011

28 days-hannahsside

IW Halloween Lucky Pack

My lucky pack arrived today!!!! I absolutely love everything in it and was surprised that they threw in a few "extras" as well. Sorry for the poor picture quality.
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Again, sorry for the poor picture quality. I hope you can tell how beautiful everything really is. The JSK is absolutely stunning and the blouse/cami-combo is both sexy and totally demure.
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Are these bags acceptable?

Dear community,

a German store called Nanu-Nana (the Germans here will probably know of it) sells these mini-chests that would remind me of AatP's treasure chest bag... if only they weren't so obviously cheaply made! They have flimsy-looking closures, threads sticking out of the seams on the pleather and similar defects. But from about 2 meters away they look pretty neat.

Do you think it's acceptable to use them as bags anyway outside of a Halloween pirate costume?

Here are some picture links:
http://www.abload.de/img/jeannaslight21pcw.jpg (This one has been modified.)

They all look different because they come in several shapes and sizes. They're made of painted wood, pleather and metal (brass?) casings.
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Circle Lenses in a 8.4 mm Base Curve


Just a quick question for those who wear circle lenses and have been prescribed with a Base Curve of 8.4 mm by an optometrist --

Where do you buy your circle lenses? Any recommendations?

I've looked around at a couple of sites and 8.6 mm appears to be the "standard Base Curve" that many people wear. However, I've tried out a couple of different lenses with a Base Curve of 8.5 mm and 8.6 mm, but they "float" around on my eye and eventually fall out when I blink. I've purchased lenses where the maker states that the Base Curve is between "8.4 ~ 8.6" I always find that they're actually 8.6's since they don't work for me. :(

All help is definitely appreciated. <3


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Was watching Parks and Rec's Halloween episode tonight and spotted a girl in Baby's blue Parfait Print! How surprising!

For non-US people, Parks and Rec is a fun little documentary-style sitcom starring Amy Poehler as a well-meaning head of the Parks and Rec department in... town... okay so all I really know is that it's got Amy Poehler, the guy from Party Down, Rob Lowe, and Anziz Ansari, as well as some other wonderful and talented people.

shincaru brought caps!