October 26th, 2011

Lolita Shop Around Ginza?

So, I'll be having my very first trip to Japan this december, and since I'll be on tour, the schedule is pretty much packed. We are not given any individual/free time except half a day in Ginza shopping district. So I'm wondering whether there are any Lolita shop around there that I can visit with ease? (Especially IW, VM, and ETC. But really, others wont hurt at all.) I don't mind going into stores like KERA shop or something so long as I can shop some lolita clothing physically and going into physical stores.

And does it takes you a long time to travel from ginza to shinjuku/harajuku? (Since there are a lot of shops in those two locations.)

anime boston :)

Does anyone know this bow?

So I have this bow that was given to me by a friend after her trip to Japan and she never told me where she got it.

I was wondering if anyone knew the brand or if it had a specific name?

Your help is greatly appreciated ^.^

.......and for some reason photobucket isn't letting me even see
the html code to copy, I'm just gonna give you the link to the page.


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