October 25th, 2011

Return of FFA!

Since the Free-for-All posts went so well over the summer, we'll be bringing them back in the coming weeks :) We'll also be shifting the times from week to week to allow members in other timezones to participate, since the previous posting time wasn't always convenient for users in Europe and Asia. The times for the upcoming weeks will be announced in each FFA, as well as in the weekly newsletter.

This week's FFA will go up at 5 PM PDT on Friday the 28th. For those of you in other time zones, I made up a little list of the corresponding times in some of the more populous time zones. You can find the list here.

Since this FFA may be a little difficult for those users in Europe to make, next week's will be posted at around 12 PM PDT (7 PM GMT) on 4 November.

Hope to see you all there :)
egl mod

Contest Community Reminders!

Hello! Hope we're all excited for Halloween! :D
We're nearing the deadline for these so just a reminder.

The Halloween contest details are here: http://egl.livejournal.com/17841909.html

Also egl_judges_comm are still accepting applications for our 6th judge to help with judging the egl contests.
Details for applications are here: http://egl.livejournal.com/17863731.html

Thank you! ♥
goth/Anna von Schlotterstein

Duckfoot Syndrome

Months ago, I received some gorgeous shoes that I'd ordered custom made in my size - 27 cm. They're like tea parties, but with a slightly thicker sole, not enough to be called platform but thicker than the sole on normal tea parties. They're pink and white and look like little cakes and they'd be perfect for my sweet coords. But... I think they look like clown shoes in my size. Sure, the bubble-toe takes off some of the length optically, but I still think it'll look dumb. I ordered them because in the stock picture, the platform looked bigger and more elevated towards the heel, which would have been a more elegant look. But in reality they're not like that, and so these really cute shoes have been sitting in the wardrobe for months, unworn. I can't even sell them because nobody else has 27 cm feet, and those people that do probably know better than to even consider anything like tea party shoes. XD What can I do?

On a completely different note, I'm wondering if I can buy H.Naoto online anywhere but rakuten. Just to throw that in! *lol*
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