October 24th, 2011

Looking for a salopette

Hi everyone,

I've been looking everywhere for a Dreamy Colour Salopette to buy, but haven't been able to find one anywhere. I'm just wondering if anyone can think of another way to find one? I'm not great at finding things on Mbok and Yahoo Japan, but I don't think they have anything except for one in black, and I'm not interested in that colourway. Can anybody help me find it? I'd also look at a shopping service if anyone can think of somewhere to get one that's not in English.

Thanks so much in advance, it would be a dream come true to get hold of this!
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Trying to decide on shoes

sorry for the many shoes topics i've made but this is more on like deciding what shoes to wear (shoes from my own closet)
now, i'm going to a community service for an organization at my school at a nursing home this friday
and they're asking us to dress up seeing as halloween is coming up next week
i know lolita isn't a costume but i thought it'd be adorable if i went in lolita because... i don't know i just find it a cute image of like being with the elderly and playing games with them and stuff while in lolita
so here are some shoes and a cardigan i dug from the depths of my closet

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Local Loli Spotting

So I spotted a loli today in Target in Paramus NJ, who looked super adorable, but I was too shy to say anything other than "I love your dress" (unfortunately I wasn't also in loli today >.<) and I was basically wondering if she was a part of the comm here at EGL.
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