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Lolita yaplogs?

Hey there,

I recently got a yaplog (Japanese blogging/social networking site. REALLY cool. Worth checking out even if you're not fluent in Japanese) and I've found a few lolitas on there, but I'd like to know if there's more. The fact that the site has "Lolita" as a blog design category really makes me think there are quite a few!

Does anyone have any links to any lolita's blogs on yaplog? I'd like to know so I could follow their blog obsessively like some kind of creep look at pretty lolita pictures and practice my Japanese while I'm at it. I saw the Japanese lolita's blogs post in memories but only a few were on yaplog and that post was from yeeeeeeeeeeeears ago, so I'm hoping a few more lolitas have sprung up there.


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Candy Violet image/info request

I've fallen in love with this dress (Trianon Party from Candy Violet), but I've heard some pretty varied opinions about the brand's work. Does anyone have any info on this particular dress, or any worn photos? (I'm especially interested in the length, as I'm a short person and have to be careful about that). Anyone own it or seen it in person?