October 22nd, 2011


Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2011

Hello everyone :)

On Sunday the 30th, we will meet at Tōkyō Station between 11and 11:30 am and leave for Tokyo Disneyland at 11:45am.

Information about Halloween at TDL can be found here: TokyoDisneyland


Ticket prices can be found here: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.co.jp/en/ticket/index.html

Later that Night, there will also be the "Magic in the Sky" Event at around 8:30pm


Attending guests so far:

and me

If you want to come but if it's easier for you to come to TDL on your own or are meeting up later that day with us please let me know so I can make a plan that everything goes as easy as possible.

After TDL I'll be heading to Shibuya let me know if you want to join

I'd be happy to see you there ^^

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Kind of a weird stock photo request...

A particular Victorian Maiden necklace is somewhat plot-important to my NaNoWriMo novel... but I lost the pictures I had saved on my old computer, and Victorian Maiden has changed their site so it's no longer possible to find old product pages. @__@ So I was hoping that someone, somewhere, had a stock photo saved.

I believe it was just called Bird Cage Pendant - it was a little bird cage with a bird dangling inside. There were also matching hair sticks, which I can find photos of, but I'm having no luck finding the necklace.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!