October 20th, 2011

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YoumaCon Meetup?

I am attending YoumaCon in Michigan for the first time this year and was wondering if there was any sort of meetup planned or if there are many other lolitas attending? I searched online and couldn't find anything. I didn't want to miss one if there was, since I seem to always do that! XD

what do you think of these bodyline products?

1. how does this skirt fit? i heard its elasticated but it looks like theres boning in it too.. :S

2. are these shoes comfy to walk in for a long time? how long if so? how well do the white ones last?

Thanks guys!!

Critiques greatly appreciated; first outfit

Just purchased my first piece of Lolita clothing last night! A gold and black houndstooth skirt. I've been entranced by Lolita for years, but am finally doing it myself. That being said I have been hooked on the boards the past few days and thus terrified that my foray into Punk Lolita will be super off. So I made a preemptive polyvore outfit hoping to get critiques from you good people before I go out and buy the remainder of the outfit this weekend.

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Innocent World, Rinks onepiece review

I brought the Rinks Onepiece and Cameo and Pearl ribbon clip from IW, and since I haven’t seen many brand reviews I thought I’d quickly write one. Since I can't be bothered battling with LJ, I've just provided links to the pictures. I apologise in advance for the picture quality, I live in a basement flat and as such the lighting is always rubbish no matter what time of day it is!
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