October 18th, 2011

need coord help!

what colours would match these?
1. Angelic Pretty's powder rose switching ribbon jsk in yellow

2. Btssb's lovely sweet room print ribbon jsk in ivory

thanks in advance!

ps, ive already tried looking at daily lolita, daily a la mode, tumblr and egl for ideas, havent found many besides the colours already on the jsks :S
want to see some differentcolours that would go with it..

Mythical Creatures: Troll.

Since the general theme of the month is "mythical creatures" and I just happened to finish knitting a mantelet and a matching hat I decided to try to put together a troll influenced outfit (trololita? :D?).  It started out as a joke but suddenly I was taking everything dead seriously and then there was a photoshoot. I hope it manages to entertain you at least half as much as doing it amused me! 

Here's more info about trolls and there are some more photos in my blog if you're interested.

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First entry, hello. Anybody know about Ameba Pico?

O hai. :) This is my first post here on EGL. My name is Ashley. :D
I was wondering if anybody knew about the online game Ameba Pico? It's a little virtual world where you can dress up characters and talk to people. It has a variety of gothic and sweet lolita clothes you can dress your character in, as well as some Alice in Wonderland and punk items.
It's a very cute game, I would recommend it if you're bored.
The link is http://pico.ameba.net/ if you're wondering.
(By the way I'm not a troll, I swear. I very strongly dislike trolls.)
My account is ~babypanda~, add me if you'd like. :D
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Lolita Sighting - UMass Dartmouth

I'm trying to find a lolita I ran into tonight at UMass Dartmouth at Birch. You were wearing pink Antique Clocks and had the matching tote. I said hi real quick and then left you alone to finish eating. I was unfortunately not in lolita. Hopefully you are on the comm and find this. I've been the only frills here at UMass Dartmouth (that I know of) for 4 years and would love to be able to hang out and loli-geek with someone on campus. Will probably cross-post to the Boston loli comm in the near future.