October 17th, 2011


Maria Cuore Closing

This might be off-topic, but it looks like Museum Maria Cuore (マリアの心臓), the doll museum, is closing in a week?

Many of the doll artists they feature also appear in the GLBs -- especially Koitsukihime -- so I hope this is of some interest... Maybe some of you can catch the very last exhibition (http://mariacuore.com/exhibition-A.html) and take pretty pictures for everyone. :P

(Also I'd love to know why they're closing, even if it's unfounded rumours, haha.)

Whitby Gothic Weekend October 2011 Meet-up ~RSVP~

The meet will be on the 30th October at Sherlock's tea shop (10 Flowergate, Whitby, N.Yorkshire) at 11:15 am, to beat the afternoon lunch time rush. (I'll be outside and I've got red-hair so I stick out like a sore thumb.)
After lunch we can make our way to the gothic market held at the leisure centre and some of the surrounding buildings. The market is cash only and it's the last day for trading, so don't be afraid to haggle!
As none of the tea shops in Whitby do reservations there is a high chance that Sherlock's will fill quickly, so please be prompt to avoid disappointment.
Also due to recent complaints by local residents, photography is no longer allowed in the church grounds. So please be aware of this when taking photographs around the town.

P.S If people are still wanting to stay in Whitby I've got two twin beds available in the centre of town, just down the road from The Elsinore, Little Angel and Sherlock's. Please leave a comment if your interested.

If you need to contact me before the meet (for whatever reason) then feel free to send me a PM.

Bones: Lolita Cameo

So. . . for some reason, I just noticed that the show has lolitas in one of the episodes. It took me three season-re-runs to notice D:

In season 4 episode 22 (I think)  Booth even points them out and says "What is with the, uh, "amaloli" girls? I never expected to see the, uh, "Sweet Lolitas" here in the States."

Has anyone noticed this and just not posted about it? What do you think of it? Does anybody know who the girls are in real life?
Pokemon: The Mudkip King
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[Fanart] Seaside Holiday EGA

Warning: BL (gays)
Comments: EGA ouji I think. Seaside theme, has seashells, coral and crab claws (dried) stuck to the top hat. I haven't worn anything like that, I think sticking shells on the hat would make it heavy... (unless you used smaller shells and stuck less?)