October 16th, 2011

Help with community sells

I'm a 2 month old lolita with only bodyline I want real brand and I made this live journal at 1 in the morning TO BUY!!! (even though I have been lurking around for a year or so for lolita research [seriously I researched for 2 years after high school I can write a paper!]) but there is a terms I still don't understand! What is a pm when it comes to selling and buying on lolita community sites? I intend on staying with live journal and I would like to know how the feed back thing works as well. For a buyer it is less scary to see the the proof photos but I don't want the seller to freak because I have no feed back yet (when i get some it will be good!). Oh boy...

I have to get ready for church and by ready I mean EAT ALOT!!! Church is 4 HOURS!!! Every one is stirring it must be time. Thank you to anyone who can respond.
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A Loli Frame Of Mind

What qualifies something as loli, or loliable?

At a convention, I was listening to music when someone asked me what I was listening to. I replied with the right answer, "One Trick Pony by Deadmau5."

She listened and made a face, and told me it wasn't very loli at all.

So, are we not supposed to listen to the music we like, and like the things we do because we wear lolita?

What's your opinion on lolita stereotypes and the loli way of life? Is it because we wear cute clothes that we must pretend to be innocent dolls?
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Gothic Loli

Halloween Meet Up Colorado Lolitas

Hello everyone! I'm hosting my first Lolita meet up ever and would like to invite anyone who can make it here <3
I would like to note that though it is lolita themed there are girls there who may be in partial lolita only since budgets are tight and some of them will be wearing cosplay dresses (such as madam red). So, though some outfits may not be super accurate I think that we'll be able to get past that.

The meet up will be held in Wystone's World Teas on Saturday October 29, 2011 in Bel Mar- Lakewood, Colorado. I would definitely like anyone who may be attending to RSVP on the facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=287706441248893
So we know what kind of Tea Tray to purchase and for how much space to reserve for our party. There is no overall theme so have fun with whatever outfit you choose to come in x3
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Japanese cosmetics for lolita style.

Hello, everyone! How is your day?
I want to get some Japanese cosmetics for lolita because my friend said it is better than the ones I get from drug store. But I don't know how to order them. Do I need a shopping service? Which website should I go to?

Also, if anybody have any kind of Japanese cosmetics that works really well with Asian skins, please tell me which brand you are using.

F.A.C.T.S. Gent Lolitas?

Hey there! I thought it would be interesting to post this here too. Are any of you Belgian (or other) Lolitas going to F.A.C.T.S.? It was posted on the Belgian Cupcakes forum but I was wondering if there were any Lolitas on EGL but not on the forum :)
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Anyone else who doesn't like prints?


I'm sorry if this sounds kind of like a rant, but its not meant to be as a rant, since there is still the old school Lolita style. But when I see old Lolita pictures, I think "wow, interesting" while I find today's street snaps just boring. I think it's because the prints do not allow much variety. The only difference you can make is with wigs or accessoires and even then it's done before a zillion times. In the past it seemed to center around the whole look rather than the dress-with-print. I think the old style was a bit tongue in cheek and edgy, while todays sweet dresses make me feel like a toddler, todays classic dresses like nun? (although thats maybe not the best description since some old school dresses REALLY just look like theyre copied from nun dresses) I guess prudish/older lady is a better description and todays gothic dresses...like an advertisement for the newest Moitie print or something. In short, I just don't like prints. I think they are pretty but not when worn, if that makes sense... is there anybody else with the same dislike of prints? Or am I just old and can not adjust to the new thing XD

thanks in advance for replying

edit: I have to agree the fashion as a whole is more diverse now since I overlooked the non print dresses that are still being made
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Dress ID help~

hi there everyone~ i was able to win an auction on mbok earlier today for this dress. i found it while searching for Angelic Pretty, but i haven't been able to find a stock photo of it (looked through Lolibrary and Hello Lace).

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the only dress it sort of reminded me of was AP's Royal Jewelry JSK, but the dress i won looks to be an OP.

any help would be great, thanks! :)