October 15th, 2011


Lily of the Valley/Inklings lolita T-shirt Collab

Hello all!  

I am pleased to announce that my brand "Lily of the Valley" will be collaborating with "Inklings" a screen-printing business run by my friend John.

John is engaged to the delightful Autumn (who some Philly lolitas are sure to have met!) and they are planning their nuptials for this coming spring!
As their Maid of Honor I've taken on the task to help them finance the wedding in addition to making the dress (of course!).  

In short, John's company Inklings and my lolita brand are collaborating on one or two t-shirt designs with lolitas in mind!  

With some help from the readers of my blog, I've come up with some designs.  These are just sketches and the one(s) picked will be inked and digitally edited for the screen printing process.
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Big booty petticoats

hello! I came up with an Idea a while ago and thought it might interest many lolitas here.

so many people (like me) have larger butts and find it looks award with a normal petticoat on; the back side looking twice as poofy as the front side.
so what if there were petticoats that had less gathering or poof in the back side? like the examples below.
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Off brand bags, a deity to the coin purse.

Hey all!

I was browsing for girly whirly bags (blates for people to buy me for christmas... ha!!) and came across a couple of ruffle friendly wins I thought you lot may like! I know alot of us can't afford brand bags, especially at the moment and I've been keeping an eye out for cheaper fodder. *Giggle*

I was just wondering how many of you make your own bags or buy cheaper, online alternatives? I love my AP totes but.. yeah. Sometimes you just can't justify it can you!

Take care lovelies.

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Phineas & Ferb - Perry just loves music!

In the Starlight closing? (Again?)

Went to check out their Etsy page where I saw this:

Our shop is closing! We have made a sale section with discounted items; please take a look! We'll be able to take orders for custom sized black and white bloomers and skirts, (and of course the headwear and print skirts, which have already been made) until October 13th. After the 13th, any remaining items will be removed from the shop, and we'll be sewing and shipping the final orders.

We're not sure yet whether we'll be open again in 2012, but for now we'd like to thank all of you for being so great to work with, and we certainly do hope we'll be able to make clothing for you again!


Need help with petticoats and storage. ; u;

 So I'll admit it now, I'm a lone, noob loli. OTL I have one JSK, two pairs of socks, and a headbow all from Baby, and I couldn't be happier. 

Although, I have a problem. D: I don't really know how to store my clothing. I have no closet. OTL My room is actually a den, has no temperature control, and leaks occasionally. It's huge and made out of brick, stone, wood, etc. It's a cave. <3 But unfortunately, I don't think caves are good for burando. >__>

At the moment, I have the socks in individual sandwich bags, all folded and tucked away in a drawer. The JSK is hung up on a hanger (EDIT: the hanger is balancing on a sticky outy rock wall. :|), with a trash bag upside down over it, and the bow is just sitting pretty on a rack thing. 
I don't want them to get ruined. D: I can't keep them anywhere in my house though, because my family members are all slobs, and my clothing isn't safe outside of these doors. (hissss I might become a frilly hermit in here)

I also have a problem with my petticoat. I've only had it for a short while, but it's already half its size. ; u; It's (or was) a huge chiffon petti, but now it's so deflated! I thought it was just because I had it on a hanger, so I got it a proper bag. However, it's still getting worse! I think it may be because of the temperature...? 

So, I was wondering if any of you knew what to do about my clothing, or if you knew how to save my petticoat. ; n; 
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