October 13th, 2011


我愛Lolita (English Made Easy video)

I came across this video today produced in Hong Kong that uses Lolita fashion as a topic to teach viewers English and wanted to share it with you all. I don't know why but I was laughing so hard because the acting seemed so campy to me, but anyway, it covers some interesting topics concerning Lolita and hey! you can learn some English too.

There are two sections and not all of the video features Lolita but the segments with it are at the beginning of each clip. It is mostly Cantonese with some English peppered in.



edit: Just so it's not about the video, watching this made me wonder about Lolitas in places like Hong Kong and mainland China... I wonder if there are very many or not...?

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I've always found the j-pop, anime, etc dancers of youtube and nico nico douga quite interesting, but it made me wonder if there was any dancers who regularly wear lolita in their dances or sometimes in them. I've noticed a lot may wear cosplay or maid outfits but I've only came across one video of two girls wearing Angelic Pretty dresses. My question here is pretty much wondering if any of you lolitas know of any videos including this, if so, please tell and link! Thanks.

Also, I apologise if I've somehow messed anything up with this post, this is my first time on LiveJournal, let alone egl.

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Themes are Up and Banner submissions for next month

The General Theme for October is Mythical Creatures
If you like unicorns, Cthulhu, or other mythical creatures then this month is for you. We figured October is the month for ghouls and ghosts so mythical creatures seemed like it was right up the alley. So show us your rooms; tell us your cultural urban legends; share with us your prints, accessories, and anything else that has mythical creatures in them.

The Aesthetic Theme for October is Autumn
Falling leaves, yellow, orange, pumpkins, bats, cats, and anything to do with Autumn is welcome for this month's theme.

Banner Submissions for November Due on the 25th of October
From here on out, our banner art submissions are due on the 25th of every month. Time to start thinking of your submissions for November! More details can be found here.

Clothing-Drop Review

I recently made my first Clothing-Drop purchase!
I noticed there were hardly any reviews for Clothing-Drop even though they have been around for awhile, so I decided it would fun to review them for people who are interested or haven't heard of them before.

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Lolita Sighting

Anyone on here from Gosport, England and goes to St Vincents College and was wearing Loli today in the Caf? she was wearing a red countryish skirt and had red things in her hair (cant remember more twas a bad day) 
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