October 11th, 2011

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Classy Costumes

Contest Description
To enter this contest, you must create your own authentic lolita coordinate based around a costume theme. You may use offbrand, hand-made, or brand items. Each member of the community may enter a single time with up to two photos (front and back) of the entire coordinate and a written description of the costume theme they are portraying (cat, witch, pikachu, etc). Groups may also enter.

The Prize
The first place winner will receive Japanese Candy donated by lavenderspikes!

Contest Period
The Contest begins at the time of this posting and ends on October 31st at 11:59:59 P.M. Pacific Time (PT).

How to Enter
Post a reply to this link: http://egl-judges-comm.livejournal.com/10621.html
and include the following:
(i) The title for your entry. Entries without a title will be assumed to be "Untitled".
(ii) Your name as you'd like it listed with your entry and the names of any other group members.
(iii) Your entry which should include no more than 2 photographs.
(iv) Your contact email.

(i) The contest requires that you be a member of the egl community.
(ii) You must submit you entry during the contest period listed above. Only the first entry per Entrant will be accepted.
(iii) Members of egl_judges_comm are encouraged to enter but are ineligible to win.
(iv) You must own the legal rights to any photos and videos submitted in your entry.

Judging and Selection of Winners
Entries will be judged on adherence to the described theme, adherence to the lolita aesthetic, and overall composition and quality of the photograph(s).
Entries will be judged by the members of egl_judges_comm. In the event that the judges come to a deadlock and are unable to resolve a winner, the final verdict may be determined by one of the following methods: (i) public vote (ii) random selection (iii) cupcake tossing.

Please note: Unless specified, prizes are handled by a third party. egl_judges_comm and egl are not liable for the actions or inactions of third parties.

Contest FAQ is here: http://egl-judges-comm.livejournal.com/11827.html
Any other questions, please ask here! C:
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Are You Missing Any Feedback?

Hi Lolitas,

Your feedback mods have plowed away at the feedbacks and gotten the queue down to a manageable amount. However, because of LJ's maintenance issues and the community downtimes, we may have missed some feedback. Therefore, if everyone can check their feedback page to see if anything is missing that would help us in identifying which pages we need to take a closer look at. If you do find missing feedback on your page, please comment on your feedback page with the phrase "Missing Feedback Check" in the comment title.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to pm payapayapapaya.
wonder party

"Harajuku Girl"

Hey everyone,
I've been getting a lot of people recently saying "...oh, like Harajuku" when I tell them about lolita, or stating it as a Japanese fashion, whether when someone asks what I'm wearing or in my current class project.
I've never really been sure how to respond, because I know Harajuku is a place and not a fashion, but I'm not sure how to correctly tell them that's not the right way of putting it.
It'd be great if you guys could help me out :)

Thank you everyone for your comments, I've found the kind of response I was aiming for - that lolita originated in Harajuku, and how to word that to people.
I don't know if I didn't word things clear enough but I understand people in passing can think what they want, but when I'm actually talking to them I'd like to have a better response than "yeah, kind of". And I noticed some people thought along the same lines as me where when I hear "Harajuku girl" I automatically think of Gwen Stefani and the way she portrays Harajuku, and I want to stray away from that concept ^^;
I do agree with a lot of you that Harajuku girl is a better remark than Bo Peep or Strawberry Shortcake though!
edwardian lady
  • zeloco

Should I make cute blankets?

I recently made a cute fleece blanket for a friend with cute matryoshka and cat print (this is the fabric for the curious, it just had red trim all round) and with the cold weather (well, for the Northern hemisphere at least) approaching, it got me thinking, perhaps our lovely lolis would like some cute blankets to keep them warm?

I'd have dived and made a couple already, to share and feel around, if it weren't for the price of fleece - it's quite expensive, so before I do, I feel compelled to ask around. I'd made various kinds (bigger/smaller, with simple hem or with lace/bows/appliques etc) and perhaps do commissions for these to fit your wishes.

As I try to figure out the price of these, I'd say for a large blanket (~150x200 cm) with simple trim or a half blanket (~100x150cm) with fancy trim (like double row of lace running all around the hem with bows or something (think hems of skirt)) would be around ~30-35$ (this really depends on the total material cost, but this would be the rough price for them).

So, do you feel you'd like a blanket with a cute print (I know for sure that the have all kinds of Minnie and Dysney prints there, some silly cowboy prints and other I can't recall (I'm going to check them out today or tomorrow)) or just colored ones with cute trims and such for your room. Or is this a silly idea altogether, I shouldn't bother and just stick to clothing?

Please share your thoughts!
Thank you in advance! <3

Treasuries are fun

You may remember a while ago I did a coulple Etsy lolita themed treasuries. Well, I made two more with some really awesome items C: I hope you like them! If you have any lolita related treasuries you've made, please share them. They are so fun and addictive to make.

The Pirate's Daughter:

They Say She Wears Blue:

Innocent World Halloween Set - Invoice?

I ordered a Halloween Pack from IW the night they went on sale. I got an email from them on the 4th that they needed some time to get the invoice to me via my email from Paypal.
I have been watching my email (including my Spam Folder) like a hawk and still no email.

Did anyone else in the States order one? And did you get the invoice yet if you did?
I'm terrified that I'll miss the invoice and lose my pack.

Want to come to the Baby Tea Party in Tokyo this Friday???

So... I have an extra ticket to the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party With a Really Long Name that is being held at the Four Seasons in Tokyo this Friday the 14th.  I was suppose to be going with a friend, but suddenly, my friend cannot go.  This leaves me with an extra ticket and it would be such a waste to let it go unused, but it's such short notice that I cannot find anyone in Sendai that can go.

You can have my friend's ticket for absolutely free!

If you are a lolita living in Tokyo, or are willing to/can make the commute to Tokyo THIS FRIDAY, please PM so we can exchange info.   I will give it to the first person that seriously expresses interest in taking the ticket. 

If you want to take the ticket, I ask that:
-you let me have the novelties associated attendance
-if the reservation spots for the special items are limited to one per ticket, you allow me your reservation spot
-you be able to meet me at the hotel or Mejiro Station (i.e. get there on your own)
-remember that your outfit must be mainly AatP or Baby (so the main piece of your outfit has to be from one of those brands)

I hope I can find a home for this ticket :)