October 10th, 2011

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Hello everyone! I've been working on updating the Lolita Blog List, and I've decided to add Tumblrs to it. If you know of a tumblr that frequently posts lolita or is lolita themed, or you run one yourself, please let me know! There are a lot, so I'm sure I don't have even a fraction of what's around, I just checked some older posts and added a few that I knew of.

Also, if you run a lolita blog and it's not on the list and would like to be added, do let me know that too.
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Lolita blog directory

Hey rufflebutts,

I've seen a lot of people come to the egl community to promote their blogs. I think that it'd be really helpful if there was a post listing everyones blogs... so here it is! Just comment with a link to your blog and general themes (your blog does not necessarily have to be mainly about lolita). I've just got some filler categories in there right now. Feel free to also post the links of inspiring blogs you think would be relevant.
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AaTP Angel Relief Headbow Photo -FOUND-

I was just browsing through my closet and realized I don't have the headpiece to my Angel Relief OP. I tried looking online and there's nothing on hellolace.net and no image on LoliLibrary; I don' t know of any other reference sites.

If any of you could show me an image of it, I would highly appreciate it (I'd like to see how it looks before possibly posting a WTB). If you guys know of any headpieces that would work with it, I would like to see that as well!

Thanks guys :)
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Innocent World x Penguindrum, and other Lolita x Anime collaborations

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I didn't see this posted yet so pardon if it has already happened!

A friend just linked me to Innocent World's announcement of a collaboration with the anime, Mawaru Penguindrum.

I personally have been following this anime week to week because it's directed by Ikuhara, known best for his work on Utena. I absolutely flipped out when I saw this and so I just wanted to revel in it publicly. But also, I'd like to bring up and discuss all the other anime collaborations we've been seeing from brands lately.

Does it bother you? Does it excite you? Is the price too ridiculous (let's be honest, they charge at least 50% more for these collaboration sets)? What do you think were the most successful collabs (I myself consider Baby/AaTP's Kuragehime collab super cute and totally acceptable for lolita even if you don't watch the anime)?

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