October 8th, 2011


Based on literature?

I'm curious and have a question. I was wondering if anyone did any outfits based on classic literature? Like for instance works by Edgar Allen Poe. Like taking ideas from the stories and poems and transfering them onto a outfit. While I think most literature would probably become Gothic or maybe country.

This question comes from me having a weird idea of basing an outfit on The Raven and commissioning a friend of mine to make it.

I hope no one thinks this is a weird question. I was just curious of others input ^^
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Feeler post for a new sub-comm

There are a fair few of us hanging around who are either in the Library Science track, or already have our Masters and have jobs as librarians, or just work in libraries part time, or just like books and libraries in general. I've kind of half-seriously been wondering if us library lolis would want to have our own community, and when I mentioned it in a post earlier this week someone said they thought I should go ahead and make the comm, but... I'm still not sure.

Some thoughts I had for the types of posts the community would have are:
  • daily_lolita-type posts where we show off the coords that we wear to our library jobs, or just show off our library/book-themed coords.
  • Reading recommendations
  • General discussion about the MLS track, books, wearing lolita to the library, ideas for making coords work/library friendly, stories about reactions to lolita in the library setting
  • Possibly a book exchange system? (still only considering that one)
  • Anything else that could come up!
Basically I'm just thinking about it as a place that library lolis could gather, discuss, and bond over our mutual love of libraries and fashion. But first I'm wondering if people think there is enough of an interest in a separate comm like this to warrant actually creating one.

So what do you guys think? And what would we call it? Lolibrarians? Library_loli?
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Partly lolita blog

So my blog is not 100% lolita because I try to write about several different Japanese fashion styles and also about music.

I just placed a new blog that you might enjoy.

Two weeks ago the Camera Japan movie fest. in Rotterdam
invited me to come with a group of lolita's,
so we could show the visitors our fashion style.
We had a lot of fun being there!

I placed pictures and a video in my blog.

Also from next week on I'll be in Japan for 1 month and I'll be visiting a lot of different lolita shops and parties/events.
I'll be writing about this in my fashion blog.
I am organizing a lolita tea party in Ginza, info here: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=272551609433454
If you are also interested in the rest of my adventures in Japan, you can follow my travel blog www.leylajapantravel.blogspot.com
I also will be making Vlogs on my youtube channel wwww.youtube.com/gothiclolitagirl
When I am there a while, I'll also make a prize give away, so stay tuned ^^