October 7th, 2011

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Looking for a girl from AWA!

Hello! I recently had a few items in the AWA Frill boutique and realized that I somehow forgot to attach the bow to the black blouse I had there. If the girl who bought it sees this please let me know and I'll send it to you! This was the blouse in question:

I just request a proof pic so I know it is you (either a pic of you or the blouse will do ^^ I know what you look like since I was in the shop when you bought it).

Whitby Gothic Weekend October 2011 Accomodation Offer

I've booked a cottage in the centre of Whitby for the gothic weekend of 27th October till the Tuesday morning 1st November. You can come at anytime during the weekend, though this doesn't change the price.
It's a bring your own food thing as it's self catering. The offer is for two people to have the room with the twin beds in. The total cost of the cottage is £450, however if four people split the cost it comes to £112.50 per person, cheaper than booking into a B&B.
If your interested then please comment. Here is a link to the info page for the cottage

Thanks! XOXO
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