October 6th, 2011

anime boston :)


This is going to sound creepy, but I find myself with a weekend ticket and no where to stay.Well, I have a hotel room. It's an apartment suit with two queen beds and I'd like to offer a few other girls a stay for a price, around $150 if i can find 4 people, but otherwise I'll have to give it up and I'd like to ask if anyone has a little spare room at their hotel?

of course, I'd like to get to know you first because the internet is dangerous. Perhaps a meet up if you're from the Boston area. I'm in great need, all of my friends backed out.

I'm sorry if this doesn't go with the community rules, feel free to delete it. I'm just desperate!.

EDIT: room, gone, ticket sold =(

Halloween: BTSSB and AntP

Just in time for your Halloween Vampire Requiem coordinates!  AntP coffin pochette: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/ap/bag/107P995.html   
I expect these will sell out rather quickly. Update as of morning of October 7th,  all the colorways have sold out.

Another Halloween coordinate idea is the new BTSSB Little Red Riding-Hood Cape and JSK:
http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/baby/others/135325.html < Update, is now sold out
Too bad the straw bag http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/baby/bag/135034.html sold out a while ago.

And of course there is Black cat, Witch and the apple tree series http://www.babyssb.co.jp/reserve/black-cat-and-wich/index.html  But that went on reserve back on September 9th, so many of the items are sold out already.

 So who is going to be wearing Lolita for Halloween?
I adore children

BTSSB not sending a tracking number? Help would be pretty awesome right now ^^;

Hey guys!

So I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who got super excited about the BTSSB sale that's going on right now. I missed out on a chance to get a pair of AatP Justin boots last summer and was mentally kicking myself all year, so I was super happy to find that they had a pair in LL in brown at 50% off! 

I've heard all the recent horror stories involving BTSSB's customer service, and I really wanted to keep communication with them to a minimum, but I've run into a bit of a problem and am not sure what to do. Help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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