October 4th, 2011

Need help fixing my closet

So I use that Closetmaid thing where you pretty much just go to home depot, grab a rack and things to keep it in the wall and support it. It's worked well in previous places (maybe I didn't have as much weight on them?), but twice now the supports have bent and the rack came tumbling out of my wall. It's an old crappy wall granted, but still.

So I'm currently brainstorming new solutions to my closet or how to keep that thing in the wall this time, I added more support beams last time, but now they need to be replaced... again, if I do that solution. Please suggest solutions whether they be how to add more support to this rack, or suggest a specific clothing rack.

Thank you!

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Gothic Lolita Wigs was having a special: Any purchase over 39$ receives a free bob wig! They said they couldn't guarantee you getting the bob of your choice, but I got the one I asked for :) Priority shipping was free, so all I payed was a flat 39$.
Review on Classic Auburn Light, and Blonde Short Bob
(Please excuse my goofy faces and lack of makeup/lolita clothes, these were strictly for seeing the wigs)
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Wearing Lolita in graduate school

Next year I will begin graduate school, and I am debating whether I should avoid wearing Lolita to school once I reach that level of education. I'm concerned that because graduate school is the final level of schooling and the one which is most relevant to preparing people for a career, there will be more of an expectation on the part of the students to dress and act like adults. I don't want people, especially my teachers, to assume on the basis of my clothing that I am not mature enough to be on the verge of entering the work force, and thus treat me with less respect or seriousness than they treat the other students. Do you think wearing Lolita could cause this to happen? (My preferred style is casual/sweet, by the way.) Please be honest; I won't be crushed if it's in my best interest to avoid wearing Lolita fashion in school, because I have several other, more socially acceptable styles that I frequently wear and enjoy just as much.

About taking commissions.

Hello, everyone! I am currently working on a dress of Kokusyoku Sumire for a friend.
She is first time asking me for commission and I am first time taking the commission. So, my question is, when I am finished with the dress and the apron, how much money should I receive from her that's fair for both me and her??? BTW, she already paied for the fabric.

Another friend is also asking me to make a lolita skirt and a mini hat, which she also provide fabric for me. generally, how much should she pay me???

This is the work I have done so far.





Blouse Alternatives

I have a few of the basic peter pan style blouses, but sometimes I just want to get away from that style of top. I wanted to know what you girls use as tops when you want to get away from the normal styles, and more or less what is ok and what is not. Also, where do you usually find this stuff?

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#nameournewsletter poll closed!

And the winner is...

The Petticoat Press!

Congratulations to user kodacan for submitting the winning entry, and thanks to all the 627 (!!!) people who voted! I'm a little blown away by how many votes this attracted.

The next edition of The Petticoat Press--the first one with its snazzy new name and masthead!--will roll out next Monday. See you then!

New Photos!

Hey I just got some photos back from another lolita shoot I did... it's like... country-gothic maybe lol the make-up artist wanted to go real dark on the eyes.  I was trying to go for a 'living doll' effect.

*Do NOT take, redistribute, or alter these photos in any way! I only have rights to show as my work in my portfolios!*

Photographer: Derek Galon
MUA: Aleta Eliason
Hairstylist: Arlana
        Dress- Westmend
        Petticoat- Dear Celine

I'd appreciate if you told me in your comments your favourite and least favourite and critiques are always welcome! ^___^

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