October 2nd, 2011

Happy Couple

Possible Mini Meetup?


A new Sanrio/Hello Kitty store has opened up at The Promenade shopping center in Coconut Creek, FL, and it is about 5 minutes away froom where I live.

Anyway, they are having a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Saturday, October 8th, from 10-12 PM.

Would anyone be interested in having a mini meet-up? We could go to the store's Grand Opening, then either get Crepes for lunch afterwards or at the Noodle Bar in the mall.

If you are interested, let me know. It is an outdoor mall, so I suggest dressing lightly since it's hot out. Also, you might want to bring some money with you, in case you want to buy anything there (or at Claires or Francesca's or whatever.)

I'm hoping this'll be my first dress!! ~AND~ I think I've decided on the shoe--in pink!

I'm going to ask for it for christmas~! What do you think? I think it looks adorable. <3<3 I have an off-brand blouse already that could go with it. I'd hope to go to my first meetup in this <3 By the way, hello, I have been away from the computer for a long time!
~AND also~
 I need shoes to match the dress, which I'm deciding on either mint, lavender or pink. I have black mary janes but I don't think they'd match very well. So I would like white teaparty shoes! Any good recommendations? I'm just beginning lolita, and I would love teaparty shoes that aren't too expensive, I need to convince my dad into purchasing them xD Any suggestions? Thank you very much! Sorry for overly posting, my newbie mistake~
~Edit~ I'm thinking perhaps these shoes from Bodyline, in pink: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/shoes253-2.jpg?10/2/2011 I need shoes that are very inexpensive, but I hope they aren't bad quality? They look kind of cute~! And are in my size. (235=7-71/2, correct?) Does anyone own these shoes or have any reviews of them? Thank you!

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Please Help Us Welcome More Members to the Mod Team!

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you've noticed that we've been busy hiring new mods. In addition to the mods announced in this post , we have hired more mods to our team.

While the community was down, we went through an extensive mod recruitment process to ensure we welcome the right mods to the team. There were over 50+ applicants and all of them were very qualified candidates! It was, to be honest, a very tough decision but we are happy to welcome the following mods on board:



So in total we have 14 active sales mods, 15 active feedback mods, and 6 active egl mods. We hope we will be able to serve the community better with our larger team of mods.

For those of you who applied to be a mod but did not make it through this round of recruitment, do not fret. We are keeping everyone in mind for the next wave of mod recruitment. We weren't kidding when we say that choosing mods was really tough for us this time around. We thank all those who applied. Your enthusiasm and desire to help out the community is very much appreciated.
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Let's vote!

I just closed voting on the previous #nameournewsletter poll and I was totally blown away by what I saw! We got nearly forty awesome entries. I had so much trouble whittling it down to just fifteen! You're all chock-full of great ideas.

Just like last time, this poll will run for two days, from 11 pm PST on Sunday, October 2, to 11 pm on Tuesday, October 4. And then we'll have a winner! Woo!

So choose wisely, guys. You're about to make an indelible mark on egl history. DUN DUN DUNNNNHHHNNNN

Poll #1783725 Name our Newsletter 2: the Reckoning
This poll is closed.

The most important tickybox you will tick this week. Guaranteed.

rayenae: Elegant Times
kodacan: Petticoat Press
angelcj: The Rufflebutt Review
xaynie: The Weekly Lolita Roundup
colortheory: The Crinoline Courier
mimi_elizabetha: Spotlight on lolita
sparklewolfie: The Missing Link(s) to the Lolita World
romantique_era: The Frilly Gazette
suede77: The Lolita Times
alumina_x: Messages From the Queen
usaku: Teatime Telegram
milkteamilk: Thrills and Frills
lady_blubrd: Bows For Thoughts
soniabunny: Frills Forum
cherori: EGL NOW

Happy voting! ♥