October 1st, 2011


Thankful for EGL

Yay!  The comms are back. ^^

I thought the past week was a real eye opening experience to me since I'm pretty much addicted to checking for updates on EGL and the sales comm.  For me, it really reminded me how tough it was to buy loli stuff back in the days when large loli communities simply didn't exist and you had to scrounge all over to look for new pieces to buy.  It also made me realize I have too much spare time on my hands since at least once an hour my fingers strayed towards my bookmark for the egl comm and the sale comm to see if there was something new to look at. 

How did everyone else fair?  Was it tough having the comms out of commission after having grown used to having these resources at our fingertips (and potentially having taken it for granted)?

I think after all that's happened, it would be nice to reflect on why these communities are important to us and take a moment to think about what we have to be grateful for. ^^

San Francisco trip planning.

I swear this needs to go in to memories seeing that San Francisco is pretty much the lolita capitol of the USA.

Planning my trip for the AP anniversary tea party and I'm looking for some hotel recommendations from people who have gone. Also I'd like some suggestions for shopping and restaurants, especially bakeries, It's been forever since I've been to an awesome bakery and dessert shop. So far I have Millennium and Citizen Cake on my places to eat list.

Thank you!

Appropriate manners, are they necessary?

I've heard almost everywhere that Lolitas aren't very kind, for me it breaks my heart, in view Lolitas are very kind.
To my horror I've seen many Lolitas "bash" on newer ones just because they don't know the ways.

I dare not say what happened at a convention, but i saw another lolita get slapped because she miss took Gothic Lolita as Kuro Lolita. And that lolita my dear roses was I. But this incident was a few years back.

Now do you think that we should have appropriate manners and act as we dress?


Two questions!!

1. how would i clean my malco modes 580 petticoat? ive searched up what people do, but it all seems to be different for different types of petticoats.. some cant be washed etc...

2.Im going to japan in june and was wondering if the same brandstores have different pieces in stock depending where you go? like would one store have newer pieces out faster than others?

thanks in advance guys!

VM happy bag

Hello girls,

I've been really curious about what's inside VM's happy bag for... quite a long time. I've browse through google and also this community, somehow I failed to find any information about it. (or maybe I dont look for it thoroughly enough?) The best I got was that someone did sell the happy bag in egl_sales_comm- but did not mention what's inside. Anyone here ordered VM happy bag before?

Since I adore the brand to bits, I'm really dying to know what's inside.

Oh, and by the way, this is my first post here (I'm usually a lurker lol). Name's Theresa from Indonesia. Nice to meet you girls! :)

Official Stock Photos of the Death Star!

We're happy to share the official stock images of the Death Star Dress Set!

Set sail with the Death Star Dress Set; A sailor inspired JSK complete with a removable collar and apron. It will be released in the black and gold colorway and sports a gold emblem on the skirt of the dress. The Death Star JSK is also constructed with wrinkle resistant cotton fabric making it a perfect choice for that daring adventurer to brave the seven seas!

Collapse )

Death Star Measurements
Bust: 32~37in / 82~94cm
Waist: 23~31in / 58~78cm
Length: 36in / 92 cm

The Death Star includes a detachable collar and detachable apron
Brilliant Death Star print in golden scripture letters framed by 3 stars!
Designed and manufactured by Trample Clothing in the USA.

Pre-Orders Announce Date COMING SOON!
Estimated Retail Price: $315 + Shipping
Pre-Order Special Price: $210 + Shipping

Don't Forget To Enter The Trample Clothing Contest ENDING SOON!!
Prizes include 1 FREE Death Star Set and NYCC/NYAF Passes!

EDIT: Thank you for your comments and concerns. We appreciate the constructive criticism that we received and we will be taking into account some of the suggestions. Like any EGL member, we are proud to say that we love lolita fashion and the freedom of expression that it brings! We also want to thank some of our clients for their pre-orders! As a way of showing our gratitude, we have given them an exclusive Trample Fan discount :) If you have any additional comments or questions, feel free to contact us. Again, we are proud to have an open door policy.