September 30th, 2011

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Announcing the Official Reopening of EGL and its Sister Communities

Hello again, members of EGL,
First off, we'd like to sincerely apologize for the late opening! Between trying to contact potential moderator applicants and trying to coordinate our vastly differing schedules, things took somewhat longer than expected. We have completed our two main tasks (rule retooling, addition of new moderators), and we hope to have additional updates to share with all of you over the coming weeks.
With that out of the way, we'd like to move on to our second exciting announcement- the official introduction of our new moderators! We hope that you'll be as kind to them as you have been to us :)




We're also happy to welcome one of our experienced mods, xaynie, back to the moderation team after a brief absence!

On a slightly more somber note, we'd like to announce the hiatus of some of our long-time moderators. laviefantasque will be taking a break from moderating the sales community, and will be focusing solely on EGL and EGL Feedback. aonele, asa_chan, bakames, rokusabarou, and sandorizu will be taking a hiatus from the moderation team altogether. We hope to be able to welcome them back soon!

While the rebuilding of the moderation team was our main focus over this past week, we also managed to get some other things accomplished, as well. We've made some minor edits to the EGL rules and EGL sales community rules, in order to clarify and hopefully simplify things a little bit. You should see these changes right away in both communities. No major changes have been made, we've just worked to clarify existing rules.

Additionally, we noticed that many of the memories were outdated, containing many links to non-working websites and broken image links. We've begun the process of removing old memories, or relocating them to an "older posts" section. We're now relying on you, members of EGL, to come up with awesome content to replace the things that we've gotten rid of :)

Thanks for continuing to stick with us through our closure, and we'll see you soon with some exciting new surprises!
~The Moderation Team
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Name our newsletter!

colortheory here! Those of you who follow our mod Twitter account might have noticed my awkward attempts this week to create buzz for a new community newsletter. The newsletter is going to be a mixture of links to posts around the Lolita blogosphere, links to new brand releases, and some original content. It's shaping up to be reasonably cool, but right now we've run into a little snag:

We don't have a name yet.

I'm not exactly a creative person, so if I have my way we'll just keep calling it "the newsletter" (which has been my working name for it). That's where you guys come in. We want you to name our newsletter. We've had a couple of awesome suggestions via Twitter so far, and now we're expanding the field. We'll be taking names until 8 pm PST on Sunday (October 2), at which point I'll put up another poll so we can vote on a winner.

Poll #1783098 Name our newsletter!
This poll is closed.

We're starting a newsletter! What do you think we should name it?

Thanks so much! It's nice to have people do all the creative work for you. 8D