September 29th, 2011

white lolita

International lolita tea party - Japan

So I'll be organizing a lolita tea party in Japan.
Saturday 5 nov in Ginza.

"West meets East"

Lolita’s from all over the world,
including Japan gathering to have a wonderful time.

There will be 1 or more special guests.

Location: Princess heart café in Ginza.
Price information will follow soon.

There is a pretty big change that Kawaii TV will film the event, but it depends on how many lolita's will attend.

I made a event on Facebook, please add your self there if you want to attend.!/event.php?eid=272551609433454

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We're really sorry to announce this, but in between trying to coordinate our schedules and get in touch with all of the potential new moderator candidates, we've gotten a bit behind. As you may have already noticed, it's past the 28th and we're not quite open yet. We'll have everything straightened out and ready to go by tomorrow afternoon (30 September 2011) at 5 PM PST (1 AM GMT).

Sorry again, and thank you so much for your patience!