September 20th, 2011

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Washing BtSSB Nostalgic Rose Garden OP

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Does anyone own this dress too? 
I need advices how to wash it.. I'm scared that it will bleed and stuff..

I have it in the colour: offwhite and I would love to clean it! ;-; I received it few days ago from eBay, but the dress smells and it has yellowish sweat/makeup stains on the white areas of the dress.. while it said it was in perfect conditions.. x_x;

Innocent World Deer JSK question

I have looked everywhere for the MAXIMUM measurements of this jsk and I cant find them. I love this dress and I would like to try and find someone who has it for sale, but before I do, I need to know if I'm going to be able to fit in it. So if anyone has this jsk or knows the max measurements, your help would be GREATLY appreciated! :)

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Panda Cherry

Quick! Before it's too late! Tell me your favorite fragrance!

So, lovely ladies! Before the temporary shut down of the community I want to draw on all of your collective knowledge and experience. Tell me, what is/are your favorite fragrance(s) and for what time do you like to wear it. It's nigh impossible for me to find something I like and would wear in loli!

Thanks everybody! There are a lot of good suggestions here! I shall go and sniff around! Hahaha!

Quick FD Question

Quick question for those who have/have had Fantastic Dolly- What is the bust sizing like? Hellolace lists it as 93cm, but I've heard others put it at 90, 88, 94, etc. Does anyone have a good guesstimate? I had thought since it was unshirred, the size would be non-debatable, so to speak. Could it possibly be a difference in cup size that's causing the slight discrepancies between people?

"Jelly Jars" Print by Megan Maude and Frill Boutique Announcement!

Hello egl
Today, I come bearing two fun announcements for you all before the community takes a hiatus!

First, I'd like to introduce the first official print release by Megan Maude... Jelly Jars!
This print features super sweet jam, marmalade and pomeranians with a creepy-cute surprise!
This print will be released in two color-ways: Strawberry, and Cafe Au Lait.
Perfect for the Sweet or Classically inclined! Larger print photo available here.

Jelly Jars will be available in both a Jumper Skirt and a High-Waist Skirt style. Sample photos coming soon!

Print design thanks to: lapinenoir

Those of you attending Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 will be able to attend the official release of this design at Frill Lolita Boutique!
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Quick Question!

So I was looking into getting the Jojo Pants for my girlfriend's birthday, but she's got really wide hips... orz;

Does anyone know the maximum measurements for the hips? She fits the other measurements, but her hips are 93cm around...

Think it would fit? 

Thank you! :D
A Chipmunk

Market Research Survey for a New Lolita Auction Site


Themugence and I have been working on a lolita auction website for the past couple months. It's named Re-Ruffled and it is a free eBay-like auction system that focuses on lolita fashion, but also includes a few other things the community enjoys like Fairy Kei, and Japanese punk/goth (think h.Naoto). We are open to suggestions for what to have or not have, and we most certainly will take all suggestions (and counter suggestions) into account.
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Beeeeeeeees (Treasury)

I got a little hooked on compiling Etsy treasuries the other day. Thought I'd post one I'm quite proud of.

Bee Lolita

I have a couple other nice ones too, an although they aren't all lolita related, there are some nice versitle pieces in between non-lolita pieces.

Sugar is Sweet

A Trip to The Moon

Absinthe Damsel
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