September 19th, 2011


Help with flaws

Hi dears
Sometime ago i bought DOL Cat window SK replica and find a big footprint on it and dust at the waist 
I washed it and the footprint  dissapeared buuuuuuut discovered that the waist "dust" wasnt dust, was a very big flaw. The skirts is all black and the dust like flaw is enormous, like someone throw you talcum powder.
I though to use a black dye on it but i dont know if it would work.
Any experiences?
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IMPORTANT: Announcing the Temporary Closure of EGL and its Sister Communities

Hello, members of EGL, EGL Community Sales, and EGL Feedback,

We regret to announce the TEMPORARY closure of EGL and its related communities (namely, the sales community and the feedback community) on 21 September, 2011 at 12:00 PM PST (8:00 PM GMT). This will be two days from now, which will hopefully grant you the time you need to finish any last-minute sales transactions or question posts you may have.

This is due to a variety of issues, which have finally come to a head with the release of private conversations among moderators to the community at large. It has finally become blatantly clear to us that the current workload is too much for the moderation team to handle alone, and in our rush to improve the community we inadvertently added a user who was ready and willing to violate our trust and publicly post private deliberations.

The EGL community was created in 2001, back in the dark ages before any brands shipped overseas, whiteface and blue lipstick were acceptable makeup choices, and huge "maxi-pad"-style headdresses were costume de rigueur. A lot has changed since then. EGL has nearly 19,000 members, of whom about 10,000 are active or semi-active. The EGL Sales Community averages forty-five posts a day (not including the numerous posts we must reject); thousands of dollars change hands (and bank accounts) over the course of a single month. Our recent attempts to improve EGL and its sister communities have only highlighted the size of this community, which has grown exponentially over the years, in comparison to the size of the moderation team, which has not grown at all; and shown us that the current system is simply not working- no matter how you slice it.

In order to alleviate this issue, we recently sought to add several new faces to the moderation team; however, instead of aiding us, they publicly posted our deliberations and essentially betrayed us. We are now asking for your understanding as we attempt to build a moderation team that can handle this massive network, and work out an organizational system that can tame the beast EGL and its sister communities have become.

So, as much as we would love to maintain the communities, at this time it is simply not possible to continue to shoulder our massive and ever-increasing workload and attempt to find help. It has become clear that the current organizational system and rules are simply not working for a community of this magnitude, and we need the time to rework things. At this time, we will tentatively be closing the communities for a one-week timespan. Please be aware that this is nothing more than an estimate. The communities may be open sooner if we are able to find the help we need within a suitable amount of time, and they may be closed for a longer period of time if we need to take the time to get work done. In either case, we will announce via post and Twitter what is happening, and we are determined to keep the community updated as we go forward.

Over this time, posting on EGL and its sister communities will be disabled. Posting to the sales community is already disabled. Posting to EGL will be disabled on the 21st. Posting and commenting on EGL Feedback will also be disabled on the 21st. Commenting on EGL and the EGL Sales Community will still be enabled, so you can continue with ongoing sales or ask us questions via this post. Commenting on EGL Feedback will not be enabled, so we advise you to make a note of feedback to be left until the communities are reopened.

Please also be aware that we will still do our best to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You can contact us via LJ PM or via either the EGL ARC or EGL Sales Community ARC with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. We are also available through the EGL Mods Twitter. I can also be contacted via my personal Facebook.

If you think you can help us out, we are begging you to pitch in by joining the moderation team. If you meet the following requirements:
- Must have been on the communities for 1+ year
- No history of starting drama or wank
- At least three "references" of character from other users on the comm
Then please apply here. PM us with any questions related to mod applications.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the impending closure of the communities, please comment below and we will do our best to respond. All other complaints and concerns should be directed to the ARCs or to individual moderators via PM. Though the communities will have posting disabled for a while, please remember that we're working for the community and we want to be here for you- so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


I suppose this is a rather obscure question, but I've been wondering for a while, and now that I am writing a paper that references my involvement in this subculture, I need to know: Do you believe that the term "lolita" needs to be capitalized? I realize that the name "Lolita," as a proper noun, requires capitalization, but what about the word as a term describing this fashion? Should it be capitalized simply because it came from the name, or should it be left lower-case because it is not a proper noun? Please let me know your opinion: since, as lolitas, we are the only experts on lolita fashion, I think that was have the right to determine our grammar.

(As you can see, I'm leaning toward lower-case.)
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A request for lolitas with border prints

I would like some help from any lolitas who has OPs/JSKs or skirts with a border print.
I'm curious as to how many seams are on the skirt and how well the print is matched at the seams. I've tryed to figure out such things myself, but most photos of the dresses are very small. They only thing I can really see is that BtSSB sometimes isn't the greatest at matching.

So if you would help me by letting me know what your dress is, how many seams are on the skirt, and the quality of the print match up, I would be very greatful. Pictures are always great too!

Thank you! <3


We at Trample Clothing are proud to announce the release of our first series: The Death Star Dress Set!

Set sail with the Death Star Dress Set; A sailor inspired JSK complete with a removable collar and apron. It will be released in the black and gold colorway and sports a gold emblem on the skirt of the dress. The Death Star JSK is also constructed with wrinkle resistant cotton fabric making it a perfect choice for that daring adventurer to brave the seven seas!

Here's a teaser of the Death Star! Sneak a peak here:

But wait! There's more...
The release of our dress Death Star will coincide with a fashion contest held by yours truly~
Staff at Trample will choose 1 winner with a grand prize of the following:

-The Complete Death Star Dress Set
-A Photoshoot for the Death Star Campaign
-A Full 4-Day VIP Pass to NYCC/NYAF

No purchase necessary to enter. Purchase will not increase chances of winning. Our fashion contest is open to individual legal residents of the United States, ages 18 and older as of 9/19/2011. Please note that this does Not include housing or transportation to the Javits Center. If you are unable to attend the event, you forfeit your place to a runner up. Lolita coordinates are not required, but preferred.

Entries of the contest will be received between the dates of 9/19/2011~10/3/2011.
The winner will be notified on 10/5/2011 and announced on 10/10/2011.
If the winner does not reply within 24 hours, you will forfeit your place to a runner up.
Winner is also required to wear the Death Star on Friday or Saturday to NYCC/NYAFF.

Like Our Trample Page on Facebook:  Submit entries to either the Trample Page or via email ( Only 1 entry per person. Please provide the following information:

[Trample Contest Entry ]
Livejournal/Tumblr: (if applicable)
Favorite Style:
1-2 Recent Pictures of your Best Coordinate (Lolita not required).

We hope you are as excited as we are about the news and we look forward to receiving all your contest entries! Best of luck to everyone who enters!!!!!!
~Trample Clothing
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temp sales area

hey, I know some people are unhappy over the temporary closure of egl comm sales (so am I actually, I want to buy stuff!) so I'm going to offer up my community for sales posts. For the period of which egl comm sales is closed, you can buy or sell any brand, any item so long as lolita, ouji-kei or aristocrat related in lolita_indies

All sales posts will be unmoderated, so buying and selling is at your own risk. I hope everyone will have the courtesy of not scamming/trolling the community, since I can't check as often. The guidelines will be the same as the 'normal' sales comm, only the posts are unmoderated.
come to the rori side of the force

english glb

Hi! Sorry if this is a dumb question/suggestion, but i was curious, since tokyopop is gone, do you think there is any hope about getting Viz or any other company to pick up glb, or at oeast something similar to it? I do recall "Glacee" or something like that that was suposeto be puplished for lolitas, but i dont recal hearing of any progress what-so-ever....

Anyways, if we ban together and send letters do you think it would be worth a shot?

I have been wondering for a while, but the current egl status plus a convo from a friend has finally gotten me to post this question i have been asking myself. :]