September 18th, 2011

Help me find what these are from and GLB boudoir question.

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I found these scans online and want to know what they are from,

Also, what kind of patterns are in the GLB boudoir?

Help! n00b alert!

Hello my fairweather friends, 
I need help in deciding what to buy with my budget of 2000$ USD! I want quality and quantity, and I have literally nothing lolita in my closet right now...Any suggestions?
I'm currently looking at qcute, clobba, rinkya, egl sales, etc...but I am lost in what I should invest in. Please help!

*also size is an issue, i'm 185cm or 5"11, i weight 145 lbs

To small for lolita?

Im having a hard time fitting into brand lolita pieces that ive bought. Its pretty sad buying a dream dress only to realize its baggy or too big. Do other lolitas have the same prooblem or any advice? My measurements are 32 24 36 and 108 pounds or am i just looking at the wrong brands? I'm into both sweet and gothic Lolita and I am 5'3.