September 17th, 2011


Katamari Sweets Kingdom : "Finals!" Colourway poll!

Hi everyone!
I hope this is ok to post about this again- but there is the "Finals" colourway poll going on at the moment for my print range Katamari Sweets Kingdom. If you vote for your favorite two of the top six, you still get a chance to win a set of custom coloured lace cuffs.
Please look up "Vitae Clothing" on facebook if you're interested, I apologize again that the poll isn't on livejournal!

This link goes directly to the voting picture:

The poll closes Monday afternoon EST (between 4-6pm) so please place your preference vote before then!
Thank you and good luck!

Quick Petticoat Question! ...Again.

Now that the air is clear and my JSK has been hemmed to the proper length, it times to go petticoat shopping. I found some deals on ebay, however none of them are white. I found some absolutely killer looking A-line square-dance pettis that can be easily modified, but they're in blue, brown, or this god-awful shade of fluorescent pink. I'm on the fence myself about this, so I wanted to ask you lovely ladies and gents about it before I make a mistake.

Does a petticoat have to match? Does it have to be a basic black or white? I've seen answers on both sides of the fence on this, so I'm hoping for a more definitive answer.
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sorry for all these questions, i just thought it'd be better to post a bunch at once instead of multiples :P

1. are there any other replicas with the fantastic dolly print besides the Dream of lolita one? (like a bag or anything at all?)

2.WHat are some decent ops, jsks or skirts from taobao that have polkadot prints?

Washing AatP...

Today, I went to BABYSSB SF and purchased the AatP Twilight Circus JSK II (in Phantom Carnival / black colourway) and, after my little mishap regarding my Queen's Coach bag (, I am naturally quite nervous to wash it.

Have any of you had experience in washing this print, or of washing anything similar to it? I've searched through LJ and haven't found any concrete answers.