September 13th, 2011

Angelic Pretty OTK socks measurements?

Does anyone know the length in inches of Angelic Pretty OTK socks? I'm curious as to how high they would be on me. Also how are they width-wise? I mean, would they sag on a small girl or be uncomfortable around the calfs of an average-to-large sized girl? I've searched around but all I've found is squat (well, nothing other than that they're 'long enough to reach over the average Japanese woman's knees' -.- but that's fairly obvious)
Wonder Woman

Just curious. first time you saw lolita?

ok, guys and gals, I am just curious........  (I am sure this has been discussed before.... so if the mods don't want this around I can delete the post)

What was the first time you ever saw lolita, before you knew what it really was?
especially those of us who have been into the fashion since the late 90's early 2000's. (it was so different back then. no OTT cute prints etc)\
if it was a picture, post the picture!

discuss~! I am just curious as to what people saw ^_^

the first time i ever saw lolita before I knew what it was was back in the last 90's early 2000's when SMILE magazine was running. I saw this street snap in the mag I think about 10-11 years ago ago. (look how they spelled Malice Mizer LOL)

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Petticoat question!

Days after premiering my first hand-made A-line classic JSK at a wedding, I just received my first full skirted JSK, and it fits like a dream. I didn't want to take it off when I tried it on for the first time.

The problem is, I'm a short-tort of a Lolita, just barely coming in at 5'2" on a good day, and the dress hem hits well below my knees by about 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 inches. Because the skirt is so full, I can get away with huge levels of poof though, and I plan on doing just that. How much lift upwards could I get out of a good-sized petticoat? Go poof-wild. The skirt on this thing is huge. Here's a link to a picture with the JSK, not even fully spread either.
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Cardcaptor Sakura

Diffrent shades of the same color

I recently bought a skirt and it's lovely and almost exactly how I pictured it! However the pink on it did not match the stock photo quite the way I thought it did and the pink parts on it are about two shades darker than the rest of my pink things! D:

My question to EGL is has this ever happened to you? Did you buy something in sax and it turned out to be slightly more mint looking than the rest of your sax things? Did a print come in a slightly different shade of lavender than the things you intend to co-ordinate it with? I also know reds can be particularly hard to match as well!

What did you do to overcome this co-ordination challenge?

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