September 10th, 2011

I am so excited! I wish to plan an Orange County Happy Halloween Weekend Meetup!?(Solved)

So everyone seems to be so busy and it is right before the holiday season.
I have only been to one lolita meet since I got into the lolita fashion and that was this past May at a convention.
I am fairly new to this fashion, very indecisive yet optimistic,and was wondering if you lovely ladies are up for a meet in the lovely Orange County for either the Irvine Spectrum (which is a fun little mall with Movies and a fun lunch)  or Disneyland in Anaheim (with fun all around)!
I am just awful at planning up ideas so this is a huge jump for me >//< 
So I wish to know which sounds like more fun?Which meet you would all mostly attend ?
As well as what activities you wish to do?I really want to make this happen. 

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Surveys - Last time I swear

Since the last survey went so well (although perhaps not so many interested in the results as it seemed?), I'm going to go ahead and put up the other two I was wanting to do. No results post this time, however. It's a pain and I don't want to flood the community, if I'm not already.

First one is about spending and conventions:
Survey the first

And last one is more about sizing and clothing:
Survey the second

EDIT: Some people are having trouble with the second survey and there does seem to be an error in the results as well. If you're having trouble with the link above try this one:
Let me know if you guys are still having problems.

Thank you all again so much for your help with this. If you really want to know something specific about the results, please message me.

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New Innocent World Order at Mfashion, shop in Europe , gothic lolita brand store in The Netherlands (Europe), Ships world-wide.


A new order full of gorgeous items from Innocent World arrived at the store.
Dresses, shoes, socks, headbows and a bolero.
All items are on the website, so please check it out.

Also the Innocent World dolls are priced down,
from € 185,- to € 125,-
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Boystyle Inspo

Yayy boystyle!

I know a lot of you like period films with lots of rich Victorian, Baroque, Edwardian, Elizabethan costuming in - its hard to ignore those epic wigs, farthingale skirts and general hotness - or at least I know I do :3

And given that this month's theme is boystyle I was wondering which awesome films inspire your boystyle?

Digging through my movie collection I'd suggest (because they have mostly male lead stories in the context I'm just lookin' out their costuming)

Barry Lyndon
Interview with a Vampire
Brotherhood of the Wolf
The Libertine
Marie Antoinette
Every BBC historical series set before 1890 ever

Are there any other fillms/tv series/mini series that have great boystyle inspo?? :3
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