September 8th, 2011

BJD and Pullip dolls

Hi, I was looking on the internet yesterdag and saw very cute Lolita dolls. They turn out to be Pullip dolls.
I fell in love in them. Looking on ebay and other sites, I found some Dolls with Angelic pretty dresses on.
*love* Especially the sugary carnival set :)

Is there a site where you can view all the Angelic pretty Pullip dresses/Dolls?

Today I search for the Ball jointed dolls, I find them very beautiful too. But the price for those dolls are around the 200 euros.
I like the Pullip Dolls, because they sell the mini versions of AP dresses and such. I also love the BJD, cus they are so life like.

I was wondering, which doll are more fun? As in with which doll can you do more with? I like to know how to start with BJD or Pullip dolls and maybe you know a good site that sells these dolls and doll parts.

If you own a BJD or Pullip doll, can you tell me where you bougth it from and what are your experience with them.

**Edit: I found this Blog post **

**** Edit 2: I posted on Pullip_sales yesterdag and found a seller that wants to sell a lovely Pullip. And found a Sugary carnival set for her aswell :) Im happy ****

Thanks :)
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Raine shocked

Look, 2 of the Tales of Xillia lolita outfits are up...?

A month or so ago, I posted a picture showing that the JRPG Tales of Xillia was going to collaborate with some lolita brands to make outfits based on the main characters. Tales of Xillia was officially released in Japan today, and upon looking at BTSSB's website, I saw this link:
BTSSB is releasing Leia's outfit, and A/P is releasing Elise's. There are prices (upwards of $500 apiece) and dates (9/16-9/29, 9/30, and 11/2011). Anyone want to speculate/admire? I'm freaking out because they're so cute, and yet I'll be lucky if I can afford one of them. >_<

Also, I can only assume this means that Metamorphose and/or Putumayo are releasing the other outfits (there are 4 more characters).

EDIT: Putumayo has , which is completely different. So I guess the BTSSB and A/P outfits are separate. These look cool too!!!

I wondered whether or not these wigs are of good quality?Requested pics of wigs worn!

I have been wanting to purchase a couple of wigs by in the gothic lolita section I saw three that I absolutely adore the first is a blended wig  
The second is a daily lolita wig
The third wig is from the wavy lolita wigs section 
I am really excited and want to purchase my first wig 

Thank You 

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How to keep the Floofy one happy?

Alright. Well I just (as in just ten mineuts ago) go I got my first petticoat and I realized that I still do not completely know the best house for it. Does it like to live in a gingerbread house? Hello Kitty one? Is it okay with just a closet or even a drawer? I looked in the old memories and the only thing I really saw to hang it upside down which still confuses me how in the universe it would help (or how to do it at all).

SO, question is, how best to make sure Mr. Fluffy does not marry Mr. Flat?


Show me your Magical Etoile Outfits

I have re-fallen in love with this print again, especially in red, and I would really like to see/appreciate some co-ords/photo shoots to keep me motivated for saving up for this awesome print. I know a long time ago a lovely lolita did a photo shoot with Magical Etoile in the business district of Germany, any links? ( my google search powers have failed me) ;3; Thank you very much

tl;dr Pictures of people/photo shoots wearing Magical Etoile, especially in red, would be greatly appreciated. Super thank you in advance

First time always hurts

 Hi ladies and gentlemen, as a beginner lolita today was my first day wearing my beloved fashion outdoors of the "safe area" as I would like to call (places like conventions). I got permission for my mom to wear my gorgeous new AP Milky Dot JSK under the condition that I would keep it as toned down as possible for the International Dinner at my University, TAMIU.  n_n And i would like to start by thanking all people on the community who helped me plan a very nice coordination for tonight.
(For a quick description of what I wore: Pink Milky Dot JSK with an ivory volero, pink polka dot tights, ivory heels, and an ivory hello kitty bag. I was going for a hime-inspired look so I did a nice updo with some curls)
But anyway, I got the dinner, obvioisly people stared, but I didn't get any negative comments. A couple positive ones, but overall their reactions were ok.
So, dinner ends, mom drives me back home, dad was washing the car and as soon as  I step out of the car he looks at me with a serious/angry  face, and asks me. Did you seriously wear your costume to the diinner? My jolly spirit obviously fell to the ground and I walk into my room in silence.
Idk, I guess I can't help but feel a little less motivated after the incident, anyway.
I want to know from you guys which has been oyur worst/best reaction to lolita?
Thanks for reading!