September 7th, 2011

Vampire Requiem = Washable?

Hi all,

I  just have a simple question...Has anyone tried washing their Vampire Requiem skirt? Baby's prints are notorious for bleeding, so I'll really appreciate the experience of the brave soul who has washed theirs before I try washing mine >.<

An tai na shoes size question

Hi all
Some months ago i bough a pair of Antaina tea party shoes. I bough a 38 size(24) because i use 37-38 european size
But was too tight so i had to sell them =(
Now i bough a 39 size pair and it's too big. With socks i still have some more than 1 cm plus
So now i dont know if the size difference it's normal or they sent me a wrong size because the boxes has written the size i bough

Maybe i have to buy again 38 size and compare?
Is there someone with my shoe size(eu 37-38) that can tell me what size they use?

Thanks >.<
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Help With Rakuten... *ADDED QUESTION*

So I'm planning on getting some accessories from chocomint but here's the thing... I don't know what this triangle thing means...
So, the triangle symbol... What does that mean? One left in stock? Maybe in stock?
I think it means one left since it says: "Stock inventory just (triangle)" But I'm not sure, I looked in the memories and google, but I couldn't find anything. I also tried looking up a guide to see what it meant, but I still didn't find anything ; A ;
I just want to make sure it's not a "maybe in stock, if not we'll ship you one in three months when we have more :D" symbol or anything, especially since one thing that I want has that symbol next to the color I want.

(p.s. google just gave me pages for triangle bras on rakuten, etc... So... Yeah...)

*When making an account, do I put my P.O. Box on the address like like this:
123 Bobthebulder Ln. , P.O. Box 555
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Question on hanging dresses

I hear it's bad for elastic if it stays stretched. The issue is that most OP dresses (at least all the ones I have) have elastic that would go over the shoulders therefore be the part that would stretch over a plastic hanger. I was wondering what people do for this. Currently I just have the dresses folded over a hanger, but that takes up twice the room and doesn't look as fun.

How do you hang your OP dresses?
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Over the top Lolita

I just have two questions, How many rings is to much for ott? and if you were to wear a small pin that is not lolita related , but matched, would you tell the loli they couldn't wear that, even if you were not wearing loli or not into loli?
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Any Virginia Lolitas?

So I live in south west Virginia and I know that's a profile for that area, but it's rather dead. I'm new to loli like so new I've not even worn it yet....And I guess I'm looking for local advice and help. To figure out if the style is what I really want to do. If not I would reallly love to do photoshoots of local lolis. I love photography and I love looking at the style. Thank you :)
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'Sissy': Cosplay Lolita?

So I'm scanning Youtube looking for a visual tutorial on making a petticoat with some considerable 'va-voom', when I come across a video of a woman in a huge flouncy one-piece with a gigantic petticoat, covered in cheap lace and what looks like shiny polyester, showing off her new equally 'striking' dress. My mood says it all. Her description of herself says she's a 'sissy'. I've seen this title pasted on dresses before, on things like Milanoo and ebay during my days as an uninformed newbie.

What is 'Sissy'? Is it just a weird branch of cosplay-lolita? I couldn't find anything definitive in old EGL posts.
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Ballet Flats Yay or Neh?

Okay so these are my favorite style of shoe. Would you wear them for loli? What about ballet flats that have the strap over the foot? Like the children shoes? They remind me so much of loli, but I want your opinion?

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Review request: Loli-Loli Paradise

I have been eyeing this shopping service for some time and while I was looking for some reviews, I didn't found any in the tags, memories or with the search box. So I'm asking you, if you have ever purchased something through them, how was their service? Good communication, and so on?
Here's a link to the shop I'm aksing about:

Thankyou very much!
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