September 6th, 2011

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Chestbinding in kodona?

Hello! (Sorry for asking two questions in a week, haha.)

I've recently fallen in love with kodona/boystyle-- I've been drooling over AatP and Atelier Boz, haha. I have a couple questions!

When girls wear boystyle, is it considered full-on crossdressing? This won't affect whether or not I wear it, but it will affect whether I choose to bind my chest while doing so.

Thank you!

EDIT: Thanks so much for all the help, guys! I've decided that since I like the "boyish" side of kodona, I'm probably going to bind unless it turns out to be really uncomfortable. Thanks again!
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Innocent World 'Oddment' Lucky Packs

Not sure if this has been posted before but I haven't seen it.

'We are releasing an Oddment Items Lucky Pack♪

Only at our overseas sales

This time, we are releasing 2 types - a 50,000 Yen pack and a 80,000 Yen pack.

*Oddment Items Lucky Pack A(¥52,500)
*Oddment Items Lucky Pack B(¥84,000)

It includes clothes and accessories, that are worth 5 times more than the original price♪
All the items are B-grade items, but they are mostly clean, almost as regular items.
Don't miss this chance!!

※Please be forewarned that since the items are oddments and B-grade items, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.'

From here. There were links to the sales pages but they seem to lead nowhere, so I guess either they're not available yet or already sold out.

I'm a little worried by their description of the items as 'mostly clean'... Anyone ordered one? It'd be nice to see what's in them. 

Good outfit for plane ride

I'm going to China for a month. I want to wear lolita on the plane but I am not sure what to wear.

What ideas do you have. It's a 16 hour plane ride. Well kinda 13 + 3 hour.
(13 hour from u.s.a to korea then wait in korea for 3 hour before going on
the plane for another 3 hour to china -_-)

Edit: I'm deciding not to wear lolita .... majority of the vote.
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Help me find something on taobao

Haha I know some people hate these, but I've been on taobao for hours and am seriously getting
frustrated "-_-

I'm looking for a "victorian maiden" style plain white/ivory underdress
all I can find are pretty skirts like this, but nothing with a bodice attached! I also think I saw someone post a taobao review where they got a VM replica underdress with embroidery on it.
I'm also looking for a bonnet that doesn't look like crap lol. Any help is appreciated! :)
Also by posting this I hear by solemnly swear I will help on the next search request XD

BTSSB & AP in Paris vs. San Francisco

I live in San Francisco and I'm going on a trip to Paris.

My question, for those who have been to Baby in both SF and Paris is how do they compare? Same question for Angelic Pretty? Are the Paris stores so greatly different/better than the SF stores that I must go? Or will I be wasting my time because it'll be the same stuff (like it would be with H&M/Zara/Gap/etc.)?

I couldn't find anything in the memories but if this has been discussed and someone can give me a link, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!