September 5th, 2011

How to wash a BodyLine dress.

I own two pieces of this dress.
I realized that the ribbon part at the bottom was not exactly cotton. I also realized they really attract dirt on them. They have black dirt on them now. If anyone happen to own this piece, or a similar material piece, please give me some advice about how to get rid of these black spots. I tried washing them inside out with a washing machine, since I hear a lot about that you can wash BL clothes with a washing machine. Unfortunately the dirt still stayed on. I don't really wanna take them to a dry cleaning, since they are BL, but if I have no choice, I might have to.

Thanks in advance.

Confusing EMS & DHL , Question

I thought someone could help me with this confusing Tracking information.. ;__;

Today, on the Tracking Information it says:
"Absence. Attempted delivery."

Althrough, I was at home!

I've read a few entries on egl, they told me that i should look at the DHL tracking page.
There it says "Item was delivered."

In addition, we have an agreement with DHL, that they put the package in the wintergarden and left us a note. (If we are unavailable!)

I don't know what do do now! :(

!!! 06.09.2011 : I just called DHL, my Package is in customs.
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I'm looking for bloomers!(Like Lolita bloomers,preferably short and cute,maybe trimmed in eyelet lace,bows) But I can't find any.I've read things about avoiding Milanoo and Lolita Show but Lolita Show has the style I'm pretty much looking for...This has been seriously aggravating for me,since I do have a budget and can't sew (sadly...).I looked at Fan+Friend but the only short style has a bustle which I like but not what I'm looking for!(Not going Steampunk though Steampunk Lolita would be very kawaii and interesting!) It's also somewhat over my budget...Don't recommend sewing,I can't and don't have a sewing machine that works. :( Can anyone please recommend something?Anything?
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September theme post, part 2!

Currently trying to convince the local group to go to a dollhouse/miniature exhibit next meetup instead of/in addition to the local photography house... In the meantime, since my September theme post for yesterday went over rather well, here is another one. :D I'm actually kind of ehhh about this outfit... for some reason I feel the shorts are awkward-looking?

You may notice I'm wearing the same vest and jacket... That's not because I don't own more vests and jackets, I definitely do. (Lots of jackets and probably four or five vests anyway) These just happen to be my favorite. ^^ Don't worry, I have other pictures where I wore a different outfit! (You may also notice the hat is the same hat with the decorations changed - there's no reason to not recycle a good hat!)

By this time, I had gotten my hair cut, so you can see the style is better. (This is the current style I have) I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Twice as many as last time... Ready your battle stations! Prepare for picspam!!!

Once again, favorite picture first! This was my facebook icon for a while. :D

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To lay any worries to rest, none of the girls who were upskirted or perved on had any objections. XD (Half the time, it was their idea. XD)

Self-crit: I don't like how my vest doesn't cover the bottom of my shirt (I'm too damn tall!) I've since discovered that I can wear a sheer black camisole over my shirt and under my vest to give the illusion that my pants cover my shirt, and it does look much better! Also, in this post and the last post, I'm not wearing any makeup, and while I would like to say that it's because I'm confident in my appearance, it's really because I'm a lazy ass. So I think in future I'd like to at least put foundation and maybe eyeliner/mascara on, just to give the pictures a more polished look.

Comments are loved. :D Edit: Sorry, the post format made my pictures disappear!
Party time!


Since the aesthetic theme for this month is boystyle, I thought I'd post my coordinate from the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Jpop Summit fashion contest in San Francisco Japantown last week, and the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Elevenses event in July. There were really fabulously dressed people at both events and it was a lot of fun to be a part of them.


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Thanks for looking, everyone. As with all my posts, C&C encouraged.

I fought the camera but I think it still won...

I beg your eternal forgiveness if I royally mess up the LJ cuts in this post!

I'm only just learning how to use Live Journal.. I'm also very new here, and I'm very lucky that the current theme is my favorite style to dress in! Although most my jazz is patched together from this-and-that or altered. I'll be getting some proper boy-style/ouji as soon as I get the chance.

But enough of my mindless babble, I managed to get 1&1/2 nice photos from a camera that I really don't know how to use... so.. my little contribution to the current theme.

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