September 4th, 2011

Fashion Show Talent Show

I have decided that for my school's talent show this year I would do a lolita fashion show, since I sew my own clothes. I've never done anything like this before but I have seen a lot of posts on here about fashion shows. Some advice on how to plan this would be very much appreciated. Or you could comment on things you haven't seen in lolita or fashion shows in general that you think would be a good idea. The theme I have in mind is Frilly Rebels. It's going to be gothic and punk lolita and the song playing will be Minority by Green Day. I'll post a link :)

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September theme post!

Oh goodness, this is terrifying...

This is my first post to egl, so if I do it wrong, please gently correct me. (and despite how oddly worded that sentence was, English IS my first language...) I've also spent the last hour or two browsing through loli_secret, so if I wasn't nervous about posting before, I definitely am now...

Okay, um, can I just write a brief introduction before I get to the clothes? I know the rules say 'no introduction posts' but this post isn't JUST an introduction post, I'm just tacking that on here so people know a teeny bit about me before seeing random pictures of some stranger... If it's a problem, I can delete the introduction part...

I'm 20 years old, live in the US (New York, specifically) and I've been interested in lolita on and off for about... four or five years? Though I've never bought any of the clothes... (But before anyone says, "You're not lolita if you don't wear the clothes!" let me elaborate... I've never bought any LOLITA clothes, but I do have clothes that I use for Ouji/Aristocrat (offbrand). And I have my first Baby dress coming to me in the mail at this very moment, thanks so very much to Emiiri!!! It's a dream dress, I'm quite psyched.) I do go to meetups with the local group and it's quite lovely, especially as I am generally the only boystyle there. (Means I can perv on all the cute lolis, mwahahaha >:D) But I am excited to try the more feminine styles too...I must add, I am very tall (5'11") so I do worry about how lolita dresses will fit me... But I figure, worst comes to worst, I can wear a slightly longer skirt underneath them so they reach my knees.

Okay, that's enough of the introduction. As I've mentioned, boystyles are kind of my main thing (at least right now), and I see that one of the egl themes for September is, in fact, boystyle. Oh, I have such good timing! If nobody minds too much, I will post a few pictures.... I won't post them all at once. Some today, some in a few days, some next week, something like that. I'd rather not picspam everyone on my first post... ^^; (gosh I'm so nervous!)

Today I'll post the pictures of me from my first meetup, which was last May. (I was too nervous to go to the meetups before then!) I'll try not to post any that are too similar to each other. ^^

First I'll just post my favorite picture from that meet, then more after the cut. :D (I hope I'm doing this right!)

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So there's my first boystyle post for this month's theme. I'll post another in a few days if nobody minds. :'D

(Edit: LJ says I can't add tags to entries in the journal, is that normal for egl or is it my account? I've barely used LJ before now...)

Newcomer to Classic Lolita

Hi c:

I've always been interested in lolita as fashion, but only recently have I considered wearing it myself.
My girlfriend is a sweet lolita, (which, for a newcomer, is very helpful) but I'm more interested in the Classic style.

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Thank you! 
Also, general tips and hints are hugely appreciated. I've been scanning the memories and reading up on lolita, but I'm keen to learn more!

Deviant Art Anyone?

I know there are a ton of lolitas on Tumblr, Blogspot, Poupee and there are posts with links to them but I don't think we've ever had one for Deviantart.

So if you have a Deviant Art It would be great to have a list of links to various Lolita Deviantarts. So if you have one please comment with your link. 

Mine is

Hopefully we can create a list of most lolitas that have a Deviantart :)

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California Bay Area Lolita sighting! Where are you?

I didn't actually see you, my dad did. You were walking down Park Street in Alameda this past week. I'm impressed that my dad could identify a lolita. He seems to remember that you might have been dressed in classic lolita, nothing really bright pink or black. He didn't approach you because he didn't want to bother you. Anyway, it would be really awesome to get to know you, I don't really know any other lolitas. Please contact me if you see this :)

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