September 3rd, 2011

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Many Questions

I've been reading as much as I can and looking at as many examples as I can for sweet lolita outfits. I hope to make my own and have a few questions. First, my chest is some what large and I remember reading that there are lolita accents, like a row of spaced buttons, to avoid on blouses if you're well endowed. What blouse style would be recommended? My aother question is about sleeves. Most examples of sweet lolita that I've seen are puffed. Are other styles uncommon or un-stylish? Finally, I plan on wearing my natural hair in pigtails with sausage curls. I do not have bangs and do not wish to buy a wig. Should I add a bow atop my head without bangs to balance the look? Can I wear my hair down for sweet lolita?

Any additional resources would be gratfully accepted. I humbly thank you for taking the time to read my entry.

A quick 10 question survey!

I just made a very short survey for a (not so secret, if you're on my facebook) project I'm working on, and it you would really help me by filling it out!

The survey is completely anonymous, so you don't have to worry about your answers, and the information won't be shared.

It's just 10 questions so it won't take a lot of time!

Here is the survey  (there is a new one up, the other one somehow died)

♥ Thank you! ♥ And if you have any comments, don't hesitate to let me know!

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Juliette et Justine Happy Bag for my birthday !

Hi EGL !

I may have bought the last of the size 2 Juliette et Justine Happy Pack. I paid on Monday, received the shipping confirmation on Wednesday and received it today, way in advance for my birthday ! This is my first time purchasing a happy bag and Misaka, the JeJ rep, was very friendly and helpful all along, and I'm really glad to receive it early :)

Pictures under the cut :)

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A question about BodyLine shipping and sizing.

Hello, everyone. I ordered two JSKs and two pairs of socks from BL today. The DHL campaign was gone, so I selected the cheapest shipping method which is SEA shipping. So, does anyone know how long it takes to get to Vancouver BC??? My other question is, I already ordered it, so probably I cannot change the sizing, but can someone give me some advise about the sizing? I have 87cm bust, 75cm waist, I ordered 2L for both my JSK.
Would it be too big or just fine???
If it is too big on me, would I be able to change the sizing???
Cuz, last time when I ordered a coat, I ordered 2L, turned out to be just fine.

New layout and themes for September

Phew August really flew by, am I right? It almost feels like the layout didn't even change hahahahaha. ha. Artwork for the layout this month is by gurliebot . Thank you so much for your submissions everyone, and congratulations to our winner! You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt. Remember, everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post. Some themes for this month:

The General Theme for September is Unusual shoes!
This month is all about the shoes~ Got some good finds to share? An inspiring co-ordinate? Even some reviews? Throw 'em at us!

The Aesthetic Theme for September is Boy-style!
To all the Kodonas and Ouji's out there, this is your time to shine! Anything you have to share on the subject - photos, history, questions - is welcome this month!

Need help with wigs

I've finally come to the conclusion that, no matter how much hairspray I use, my hair just refuses to hold a curl. I also, because cowlicks are terrible, cannot grow bangs. That's right, it's time for a loli wig. 

My problem is that I have no experience buying wigs. I absolutely don't want to buy a badly made one from a terrible seller. 

What I'd like: 

- A blond wig, preferably ash-blond 
-Lightly curly at the bottom
-Long, about mid-back length (20inches at least, without straightening the curls out to measure)
-I want a wig that could become adorable with an OTT sweet look, but also work well for classic

And there's maybe a problem, I have a tiny head. 

Does anyone know a seller that produces well made wigs that would fit someone with tiny head problems? Usually wigs are silly on me, hats too, because they're too big. 

I ended up buying a wig from Arda. Luck would have it that they were selling at Dragon*con, and I stumbled upon them and recognized the name. I bought a Mugatu wig in platinum blonde and lavender and it's very cute. I got to admire their wigs up close and make sure that the color was right and everything. The wig is very full from what I've seen, but I'm not going to take it out and do a full review until I get a fake foam head for to keep it on. 
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Poll related to a lolita-targeted buisiness!

(Posted with permission from colortheory)

Hello everyone! I've decided to open an online store catering to,
naturally, quaintrelles, princesses, lolitas, and lovelies of all types.
The product I am beginning to produce now are handmade, organic &
vegan bath salts. Since this is my target audience, I would like a bit
of feedback on this topic, if you would please spare a few moments to
help a girl out <3

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BTSSB/AATP x "Bookshelf of Dantarian"

BtSSB & AAtP have collaborated with the anime "Bookshelf of Dantarian" (dantarian no shoka) to create a new line of dresses that are open for reserve now. I suppose collaboration between Lolita brands and anime shows isn't so rare anymore... but those prices made me do a double-take!

The items for "Darian" are very cute but with those prices, I could only see myself buying the parasol. "Huey's" items are much too expensive for what you could easily buy from a Victorian re-enactor's shop. "Girl in the bookshelf's" dress continues BABY's trend of long maxi dresses, but frankly I never liked them...

What do you think of them?
Do you see yourself buying any of them in the future? (Please post pictures if you do! Pretty please?)

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BL Shipping--I've finally figured it out!

So as some of you might know, I'm hosting a group order for Bodyline right now over at egl_group_order

I hosted a BL GO not long ago, and saw that at certain times, BL shipping would increase when you added something, but some other things wouldn't increase the shipping price. I called it "price spikes" where at a certain weight that's when the shipping price would increase, but I never knew at which point would there be a price spike. So I sat down tonight and tried to figure it out.  

Using a pair of false lashes (which weighted 4 grams, according to BL) and a pair of OTK socks (weighted 80 grams), I sat down and tried to figure out at what weight BL would do a "price spike". My findings are below.
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