September 1st, 2011

BTSSB/A&P "The Magical Tea Party"

I was wondering how many Lolis will be attending the Magical Tea Party sponsored by Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates. I will be attending and coming from the US. This will be my first time traveling to Japan. If any Lolis have suggestions for must see, must go places, or things to do in Tokyo, let me know. Bakeries, shops, candy stores, ramen stands, stationary stores, arcades, host clubs,... basically anything worth checking off your bucket list.

*Thank You*
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EMS package status: "Retention"?

Hey everyone,

I purchased a skirt from Bodyline a few days ago, and it mailed out on August 29th. It made its way to my post office fine, apparently it arrived today-- but, when I open up the tracking link that Bodyline sent me, the package's status is "retention". Furthermore, in the next column it says "Retention period:". What bothers me is that it seems like normally it would SAY the retention period, due to the colon, but it's left blank.

I used the search feature here and couldn't find anything on this? A general Google search for "EMS retention" lists a lot of different advice-- simply waiting and they'll send it to you, or that you should pick it up from the post office, and I'm pretty confused. And why is the Retention period blank? Is that normal?

Sorry if this question has been asked before, and thanks so much!
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Help in coordinating some TUK shoes?

Hi there! :D I'm a lolita noob who still hasn't bought any items, and I've mostly been spending the past few months doing a lot of research and lurking around blogs and this comm. When I read that Mary Janes are the shoes to wear, I was pretty happy because I bought a (low heeled) pair from T.U.K. a couple of years ago before I even knew lolita existed, and I personally think they're adorable :D However, they're patterned with polka dots and little deer faces and, being a noob, I don't know if they'd be good to coordinate with anything I might buy :/

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Would I have to wear polka dots or something pink to make these work, or are they fine with anything as is? (I'm not particularly looking to get into Sweet Lolita, by the way.) I can't afford to buy shoes right now and I find it very hard to find ones that fit me, so I really hope they're OK. x_x Thanks!