August 31st, 2011

JetJ "Travelogue" Dresses

I haven't seen this posted yet and wanted to get the community's opinion on these new JetJ dresses. They're advertising them as "travelogue" dresses and I believe they're made out of a jersey fabric. This means when you fold them to pack in your suitcase they won't get wrinkled. Personally I'm a huge fan of them - I love the sleeves and jersey is very forgiving and comfortable. (and JetJ's prints are always gorgeous) On the other hand, being jersey, they're not as elegant as JetJ's other dresses. They're also charging 23,100 yen for them (that's for each one I'm assuming) which comes out to be around $300-pretty steep for a simple jersey material.

JetJ Travelogue Dresses

What's your opinion??

No Measurements?

I was looking into buying a Baby dress, I'm a little more on the plus-sized Lolita so I was looking at more free-waisted things. I looked at this dress, and noticed - it doesn't have any measurements! Not even a bust measurement. Does anyone know the measurements to this dress, or is it just free-waist?
Kim Myoung Jae

Some help with stretching out a JSK

I have a new dress with incredibly tight elastic. It drives me nuts. The elastic actually stretches easily several inches farther than I need for my bust size, but it just clenches in so tightly. Anybody out there have a way to get the elastic to relax? I love this dress and it would be a perfect fit if the elastic were more flexible.

Which petticoat is better? Classical Puppets or Dear Celine?

I was looking into getting one and I was reading through posts here on EGL but still cannot decide which one I should get..

There is Classical Puppets Daily Bell Shape Petticoat

And Dear Celine Fluffy Petticoat.

I'm more of a HUGE poof fan so the bigger, the better. :)

OKAY! SO! I decided to get a Classical Puppets Petticoat but upon more reseaching I discovered that there are a few more I like by them.... Help me narrow it down??

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KanonxKanon European tour announced!

Kanon Wakeshima, the cellist/vocalist and Kanon, the bassist from An Cafe are touring as KanonxKanon in Europe this november!~

Check my blog for dates an locations (there are a lot of dates). Also their PV Candula Requiem.

I will be attending the London concert on the 18th.

I feel lucky for meeting her at Hyper Japan ^_^
Is anyone else going?~
LenxMiku, VOCALOID, cute

Where to get good fabric for classic lolita?

I know that florals are the old standby which you can get at any Joanne's, but I'm kind of curious about other types of fabric that can be used in classic lolita. One thing which I noticed in particular was the dramatic, extravagant art motifs used by Juliette et Justine. Do any of you guys know if there's similar fabric sold anywhere? I'm too tall (and too poor, XD) for Juliette et Justine, but I'm thinking that I could achieve a similar look with the right type of fabric.

Anime Fest 21+ mini-meet.

Hey guys. For all of you going to Anime Fest in Dallas Texas this weekend, I'd like to propose a 21+ mini-meet in the bar on the second floor of the hotel at around 7:30 on Saturday. There aren't a whole lot of lolita themed activities going on at the con this year, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to do a meet. I've invited the gang from the local BJD comm, so be aware that there may be dollies at the meet.