August 30th, 2011

Snail Mail Pen Pal Results!

I'm sure most of us have been eagerly looking forward to these results, and here they are! Sorry it's from me, draggersprezcan't load Livejournal for some reason. D= Find your penpal here! (And not all are up yet, so don't fret! ;) )

Don't forget to message your penpal first and establish addresses and other essentials, and alert draggersprez if your pal flakes! Thank you, and have fun!
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Fraud? Awkward pictures? What?

I was browsing along Etsy and found what I first thought were really good replicas. Looking closer, I think the photos are stolen because edges around the dresses are blurred out and some watermark is vaguely visible. Stolen? Fraud? Just really awkward photo?

The seller is Faerylife:


Blurred out:

If you are this seller and are legit, I am sorry, I'm just making sure. . .)

Gosurori 4 help[resolved!]

I bought a copy of Gosurori #4 years and years ago. I have lost the book, but I did manage to come across the pattern sheet included with the book today. I want to try to sew one of the dresses in the book but since the book is missing I don't know how much material is needed or how to sew it together using the included pattern...

If anyone has the book on hand, I am looking for the materials list for design #14, the school themed tartan JSK (English or Japanese okay). If you could also take a photo or make scans of the detailed instructions I would also really appreciate it. m(_ _)m

Photo of the dress in question under cut:
Collapse )

Someone has kindly provided the photos for instructions under the cut. :-) Thank you to both EGL members who helped me out. >_</ Thank you for your help!

Simple outfit

I wouldn't say I dress lolita everyday
but I'm hopelessly fascinated with the fashion and slowly working up a simple wardrobe.
Sadly none of it is brand, or even the cheaper bodyline alternative.
But once I have a steady job I hope this will be a thing of the past!
(I have been given a lovely bodyline shrug/jacket but I don't have anything for it to go with, need the basics first)Collapse )
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