August 29th, 2011

*Plus Sized Princess*

Hi everyone! <3 <3 <3
I am brand new to Live Journal so bear with me , as this is my first post !
I joined LJ just so I could follow EGL XD !
Anyway, I will be dressing in Lolita (Sweet Lolita) for the first time & I need tips for my 1st coord , as I would like to look as little "ita-ish" as possible lol (^v^)
I ordered this Strawberries & Cream 2nd Gen. wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs & I absolutely love it,!! So I will be looking to coordiate with it.

ALSO, about 2 weeks ago a girl posted a *complete list* of all plus size stores (I don't remember if they were all online or a mixture of both) it included the sites sizing & everything. I was wondering if anyone could link me to that post?  I have tried searching the memories,tags,& search function & still could not find it, maybe I just am not good with that yet?

I am so excited to be a part of this EGL communtiy & I look forward to making lots of new friends here! <3
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What do you consider a large wardrobe?

Selfdestructful's post on closet organization got me thinking....when do you consider someone's Lolita wardrobe as "large"? When you can wear Lolita everyday of the week? Month? ext... I'm quite curious as to what the community thinks about this!

Edit:(Im adding this cuz I didn't want to make a whole new post. I was at O'more college of design in TN today and saw a Lolita! Who are you? :O)
Little Prince Wishes

Is it acceptable...?

I just found out recently(today actually) that I'll be heading to Turkey early-ish next year. Now the thing is...I'm rather used to Okinawa's rather liberal take on clothing and most people don't give a flying pancake what you wear.

But rather different from what I've seen in pictures/read. So my it acceptable to wear lolita in Turkey?
And to give a more general area of where I'll be, I'll be living close to Adana.

Wearing lolita to school?

I'm sorry if something like this has already been posted!

(this is my first post, so bear with me)
I have a mufti (free-dress) day coming up, and I'm contemplating wearing casual lolita. The problem is, I don't have any cutsews. I've figured out a casual-sweet co-ord that I think looks cute, but the shirt I have has got flowy black writing in the lower right corner. It's not too noticeable, but my mum reckons it looks bad with it. But I have no other shirts. I know pictures would help, but I can't take any at the moment. Do you think I can get away with it? (my school's not exactly full of lolitas, so...)

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