August 28th, 2011

Hello everyone! ^o^ I've finally received my first dress and this is my FIRST POST HERE!! O_O

I am actually nervous about posting here for the first time. ; 3;~

I have been lurking here foreverrrrrr. <3 I joined LiveJournal specifically so I could join this community. That was about two years ago, which was when I'd just discovered Lolita fashion.

It took this long to finally make my first purchase. <3 I couldn't possibly be any happier about it! :D

X3 Quick preview photo!:

~ View the rest on my main blog!! ~

Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to read~ I'm so excited to finally be posting here and I can't wait to form new friendships with you all! YES ALL OF YOU. 8D

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Show me the waffles!

I tried posting this on bodyline_love with no luck, so I thought I'd try here. I'm looking for pictures of Bodyline's waffle OP or skirt worn, particularly the green colorway. It doesn't look very green/minty online, and I'm really curious what it looks like IRL, since Bodyline's photos aren't always the most accurate when it comes to colors.

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wardrobe organization

Hi! I was just curious to know, how do all you guys (gals) organize your closets? Do you organize by brand? Do you organize by color? Or do you organize by clothing/item type?

Sorry if this is a stupid question i was just really currious on the matter since in the past i have organized almost every way concievable. :] currently i am organizing by type, but i use to organize by type, and each type by brand...but now i am sort of leaning towards organizion by color. ;p