August 27th, 2011

suisei seki

Mary Magdalene - measurements enquiry

Hello EGL !

I was doing some online window shopping for my birthday and wandered to the MM website. As I was looking at some of the dresses' measurements, I noticed this phrase: 


I tried using google translate and even searched older EGL entries but I don't think I managed to find anything conclusive. Does anyone know the exact meaning of this phrase? Does it mean it can stretch to more than 85cm, or is 85cm the maximum measurement after the shirring had been stretched? 

Also, for those who have MM dresses, what are the maximum bust measurements for OP and JSK pieces with shirring? I read through some older posts and it didn't seem like the dress can hold anything more than 88cm of bust, but I'd like to hear from more people.

Thanks for your help !
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