August 26th, 2011

Questions on some Taobao items.. plz and ty!

1. has anyone bought this dress?

and if i were to order it without the lace on the chest, would i select [B] Section?
also, for size L, they state:
Parts: chest waist shoulders clothing.
L: 92,72,38,93
what do they mean by "clothing"?
EDIT: if i have a 91 chest and a 73 waist, would it be best if i got the XL? which is 96 chest and 76 waist, since it has shirring?

2. are there other taobao sites that have made this replica?

Lolita magazines

So, because me and other girls in Czech Republic are writing an online lolita magazine, I was curious if also other lolita magazines does exist on the web? It doesn't neccessarily need to be in english, other languages are fine too, I am just curious. Also because there were a secret last week and some girl was asking if she should start her own magazine and someone responded, that there have been some in the past.
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Dream of Lolita coat?

I've been looking at buying a coat from Dream of Lolita, specifically this one. I just wondered if anyone owned it (or any coat by Dream of Lolita) and could vouch for the quality? Especially how warm it is? As I've had a skirt by DoL before and really wasn't impressed with it at all, but as the brand seems to be popular among lolitas I wonder if maybe I just got a bad item, or if it truely is bad and I'd be better off waiting for Kidsyoyo to release their designs.

Thank you!