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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion
August 25th, 2011 

I will be starting college soon and in need of a new pencil case. Im sure I wont be the only one so I hope this post will help other people too.

Im thinking of making one as I will need one thats fairly large and pretty heavy duty. Anyone got any images of some lolita-ish pencil cases or small bags, or even better, some sewing patterns?

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12:18 pm - Outrageous.
Hello everyone.
Today, when I was walking through the city something caught my eye. A poster, to be precise.
A poster saying: Opening soon! LOLITA night club! with an outline of a naked woman underneath. I was just.. speechless. To see the name of the fashion you love and wear being related to everything lolita is not is just.. horrible. I just thought I would share how some people disrespect our fashion - or just name things after it without knowing what its really about. I hope you all agree this is totally unacceptable.
Gah! I'm pissed. -.-''
EDIT: Yes, I know Lolita is the name of the book. Yes, I also know the name existed way before the fashion. It might be that I am seeing this from a different angle then all off you, but that is no reason to go all sarcastic and I don't know what on me (= Its just a clash of opinions. The end.
01:34 pm - MMM on CDJapan
Wonder Woman
quick question:
this is my first time ordering from CDJapan's clothing section, and I wanted to know if the clothes in the Moi Meme Moitie section are  in stock at CDJapan or do they have to order them from MMM? there is a JSK I want to get. BUT it is sold out on the MMM website, but it says it is available at CDJapan. I woudl hate to order it only for them to tell me they can't get it.

I apologize this answer is on the CDJapan website and I just didn't see it....
( I check the memories and searched but didn't see anything that helped..)

Does any one know where exactly is "kikiwa" in Toronto's Chinatown?
Hello members of egl

I work for the Japan tourism board (not-for-profit organization focusing on Japan Tourism Promotion) and I came across a tour offered by Hankyu Travel to attend the Magical Tea Party at the Four Seasons Hotel, Tokyo. I do not work for Hankyu Travel, so I hope promoting this tour will be allowed.

The tour is limited to 20 Pure Maidens (hehe) only.


  • 2-night accommodation

  • Transportation fees with English-speaking concierge

  • Total assistance by English-speaking concierge during the tea party


  • BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT original cup & saucer

  • Handshake and memorial session with Gothic Lolita fashion models

  • 20% discount voucher valid at BSSB valid at domestic boutiques in Japan

Tour details can be found here.

Does anyone have any pictures of Victorian Maiden's Rococo Bouquet Ribbon Dress being worn? Or any other photos of it? Whenever I search for it I find all other kinds of Rococo Bouquet dresses except for this one with the ribbon around the waist.
Kim Myoung Jae
I'm wondering how they run since I wear an EU 36, yet their EU 36 equivalent is a 23. Normally this equates to a 23.5, and the shoes are a little  expensive, so a mistake would be quite unpleasant......Anybody bought their shoes before that can shine some light on this issue?

This is the style in question
please post photos of this wonderful dress being worn.

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Lady Alston Gainsborough
Here's what I got in my Juliette et Justine spring and summer luckypack, size 2.

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